Wireless Webcam Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Wireless Webcam in Pakistan is Rs. 2,340 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,340.


Wireless HD webcams can be used with laptops or computers for video calls, online meetings and video streaming. You can also use them for security purposes as surveillance cameras. Check out wireless webcam prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for the best brands you can find online.


The built-in camera that comes with your laptop can be low quality and take unimpressive pictures. Most users buy external high-quality web cameras and attach them to their laptops for better image quality. These are available in both wired and wireless variants.

Wireless Webcam Brands

Logitech, D-Link, Razer, Microsoft and Mevo are some of the leading brands that sell high-quality wireless webcams. Some of the recent cams by these brands can even shoot in 4K video quality and deliver fine detail. You will also find the Nightvision feature in advanced webcams by these brands.

Wireless Vs Wired Webcam

1. The wireless variety is easier to install as there are no cables involved. 

2. Wired webcams are expensive in terms of installation due to the cable cost involved in the setup. 

3. Wireless variety has the advantage of having no cable clutter.

4. Long-range Bluetooth webcams are excellent as security cams or for video streaming where a lot of movement is required.

5. The wired webcams however are more reliable and don't come with the hassle of battery replacement or charging.

We have HD quality wireless webcams on this page for you to choose from. Some of these cameras are integrated with the Nightvision feature that helps with better results under low lighting conditions. The price of wireless webcams in Pakistan varies greatly depending on the brand, resolution and product. 

Price List

Model Price
Dany PC-1070 Web Met Wireless With Mic WebCam Rs. 2,340
Dany PC-1070 Web Met Wireless With Mic WebCam Rs. 2,340
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