Xiaomi Mi Tv Box Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Xiaomi Mi Tv Box in Pakistan is Rs. 9,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,899.


The Xiaomi Mi TV Box is a media hub that basically converts your regular TV into a smart TV. It has built-in storage and an interface that you can use to access streaming services or attach a hard drive to access media from it. One can also download games onto it to play on their TV. The price of this device is in the lower-mid ranges.


Xiaomi Mi TV Box

A media hub for one's TV, the Xiaomi Mi TV Box is an Android-based device. This device is able to put out a high-res image at 4K making it possible for you to watch high-end content, given your TV also supports 4K.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Box also lets you download and use apps such as YouTube, Netflix or games. This makes it a more complete media hub. With WiFi to connect for your apps and streaming, this ability also lets you use the device to cast from a smartphone, tablet or laptop; sharing media or the screen.

The device has its own storage space of 8GBs and one can also connect their portable or external hard drive via a USB port. The device can directly play movies, images and music from the connected hard drive; with support for multiple formats such as MOV, AVI, JPEG, Flac, MP3 and many more in all three media categories.

The devices in this range have their own RAM as well, which powers the internal tasking. It comes with a remote for navigation and one can also connect the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Gamepad which is a controller similar to what one gets with gaming consoles. This makes gaming a lot of fun.


The Xiaomi Mi TV Box is a useful device and basically converts regular TVs into a smart TV, in the simplest terminology.

The price of this device is in the lower-mid range, making it an easy way to upgrade your TV's functionality.

Price List

Model Price
Xiaomi Mi Tv Box S 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Pl… Rs. 14,999
MI TV BOX S Rs. 14,499
Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K HDR Android TV with Google Ass… Rs. 13,099
Android Smart Tv Box - Xiaomi Mi Box S Rs. 18,999
Mi Xiaomi Tv Box,s Rs. 14,000
Mi TV Box S Rs. 16,499
Mi Tv Box S Rs. 18,500
Xiaomi Mi TV Box S 4K Ultra Rs. 10,499
Xiomi Mi Tv Box S 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Pla… Rs. 14,999
Mi Tv Box Rs. 9,999
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