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Compare 9,282 prices from 95 stores.

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Casio solar watches are popular timepieces known for their reliability and environmentally friendly features. These watches harness the power of sunlight to generate energy, eliminating the need for regular battery replacements. They incorporate solar panels on the watch face, which absorb light and convert it into electrical energy to power the watch's functions.

Casio provides solar watch models in a variety of product lines that include G-Shock, Edifice, ProTrek, Wave Ceptor, and Sheen.

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Garmin Tactix Delta Solar, Ballistic Edition, GPS… $1,399.99
Women's Palmanova Diamond Watch $2,895
Chanel J-12 H0967 White Ceramic Diamond Women's W… $6,749
Women's Eco-drive Chandler 39mm Rose Goldtone Sta… $1,359
Deka DD5300 100Ah 52VDC Lithium (LiFePO4) Solar B… $3,173.08
SimpliPhi PHI-3.8-24-M 151Ah 12VDC Lithium Ferro … $2,839.56
Watch, Circa 2020s $23,300
Women's Airolo Watch $2,695
Women's Cavo Diamond Watch $2,395
Women's Siena Diamond Watch $2,895
Rich Solar 12V - 600AH - 7.6kWh Lithium Battery B… $2,439
SimpliPhi PHI-1.4-24-T 57Ah 24VDC Lithium Ferro P… $1,323.72
002 43mm Stainless Steel And Recycled-canvas Jacq… $1,495