Chinese Floating Lanterns

Compare 6,577 prices from 20 stores.

Compare 6,577 prices from 20 stores.

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$237 - $46195
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Model Price
Reef Single-Light Hanging Lantern $349
Trafalgar Three-Light Hanging Lantern $509
Anchorage Three-Light LED Hanging Lantern $609
Quincy Single-Light LED Hanging Lantern $369
Edgewater Three-Light LED Hanging Lantern $429
Lucerne Four-Light Hanging Lantern $889
Trellis Four-Light Hanging Lantern $1,349
Harbor Single-Light LED Hanging Lantern $669
Dorian Two-Light LED Hanging Lantern $729
Anchorage Three-Light Hanging Lantern $579
Windsor Four-Light Hanging Lantern $799
Trellis Four-Light LED Hanging Lantern $1,389
Harbor Single-Light Hanging Lantern $549