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Compare 93 prices from 13 stores.

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An eyeliner brush is a small, thin brush with a pointed tip used for the precise application of eyeliner. It is typically made of synthetic bristles or fine, natural hair. The brush allows for the controlled and smooth application of eyeliner, creating defined lines or wings. It can be used with gel, liquid, cream, or powder eyeliner formulas. 

These brushes are easy to clean and maintain. They can be washed with mild soap and water or a brush cleaner to remove any product buildup. After cleaning, the bristles should be reshaped and left to air dry.

An eyeliner brush is an essential tool for anyone who wants to achieve precise and professional-looking eyeliner application. It allows for maximum control and accuracy, making it easier to create a variety of eyeliner styles and achieve a flawless look.

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The best price of Eyeliner Brush in the USA is $9.99 and the estimated average price is $26.

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Model Price
Eyeliner Brush $46.01
KOBAKO Eyeliner Brush $26.99
MAGITOCH Eyeliner Brush Fine Precision Gel Eye Li… $15.99
Eyeliner Brush In White $50
NARS #47 Angled Eyeliner Brush $25.89
Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyeliner Brush $32.99
Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyeliner Brush $47.49
Ultra Precise Eyeliner Brush In White $41
Wet Dry Eyeliner Brush $21.95
Bobbi Brown Ultra Precise Eyeliner Brush $80.49
DogieLyn Eye Makeup Gel Eyeliner Brushes - Ultra … $10.99
Bobbi Brown Cream Smudge / Ultra Fine Eyeliner Br… $31.49