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Compare 20 prices from 6 stores.

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Rs. 1995 - Rs. 19149


Decorate your home walls with beautiful abstract paintings by searching for them online on Shopsy. The collection includes bright and colourful designs with splashes of paint in various mediums of paint.


Home Decoration 

A set of abstract paintings can transform your living space brighten up the walls instantly and adding personality to your home and office. The paint strokes are interesting and vividly capture a mood and emotion that uplifts your mood. The colourful motifs make the space interesting and festive without using any predictable and traditional wall decoration. Instead of expensive carpets or tapestries that are hard to maintain and catch dust overtime abstract paintings offer something unique and different for the modern Pakistani household. 


There are a variety of sizes available online that can be purchased according to your wall and space. The medium size is considered anywhere between 22inches to 42 inches that can hang above the sofa or bed easily under a wall light to highlight the painting. The smaller pieces can be placed side by side to create a diptych or triptych with symmetrical hanging. The salon-style hanging can use various sizes from small to large to create an entire wall of abstract paintings for your living room or drawing-room.  

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The best price of Abstract Paintings in Pakistan is Rs. 1,995 and the estimated average price is Rs. 4,198.

Price List

Model Price
Canvas Abstract Art Painting (36*36) Rs. 14,399
Abstract Vertical Modern Art Painting Rs. 4,299
Painting by Mansoor Rahi Rs. 2,700
Painting by Mansoor Rahi – 2002 Rs. 2,700
Painting by Mansoor Rahi – 1996 Rs. 2,700
Painting by Mansoor Rahi – 2001 Rs. 2,700
Painting by Mansoor Rahi – 1968 Rs. 2,700
Modern Abstract Set Of 2 Acrylic Wall Paintings F… Rs. 7,499
Painting by Mansoor Rahi Rs. 4,465
Contemporary Painting Rs. 3,221.25
Painting by Safwan Bashir Rs. 2,385
Painting by Shahla Rafi Rs. 2,700