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Compare 101 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 249 - Rs. 8200


A great alternative to glass, acrylic sheets have lesser weight and are able to handle more impact. The downside is that they scratch easier. Acrylic sheets are used for a very wide range of applications, from optical lenses to bulletproof glass. The price of acrylic sheets is relatively low unless it is bought from a well-known brand.

Pros & Cons


  • Does not contain harmful bisphenol-A

  • Weatherproof

  • Impact-resistant

  • Does not shatter

  • Environmental stability better than other plastics


  • Not as scratch resistant as glass


Glass alternative

Acrylic sheets are solid sheets made out of acrylic resin. The sheets are clear like glass, with great weather resistance and are shatterproof which makes them less dangerous. Also, another advantage over glass is the weight, which is a lot less in comparison. The one disadvantage that acrylic sheets bear is that they scratch a lot easier than glass. There are modified acrylic sheets that have additions which make them more use-specific. Such as butyl acrylate is often added to improve impact strength in case that quality is needed more. A known and original brand that makes acrylic sheets is Plexiglas. Over time these sheets have come to also be known as plexiglass. Acrylic sheets, like other plastics, are available in many different colours as well.

Uses of acrylic sheets

A very versatile material it is used for many different things. Acrylic sheets are used for windows, in frames, skylights, safety glass, bulletproof glass, optical lenses, lights, instrument dials, signboards, aircraft canopies and much more.

Acrylic sheets are relatively inexpensive. The price depends on the size, thickness and brand of the sheet in question. Known brands include Plexiglas, Perspex and Lucite. Lucite is made by the DuPont conglomerate.

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The best price of Acrylic Sheet in Pakistan is Rs. 249 and the estimated average price is Rs. 955.

Price List

Model Price
12x12 Inches Acrylic Sheet Rs. 510
20x20 Inches Acrylic Sheet Rs. 1,600
A4 Acrylic Sheet Rs. 510
A4 Acrylic Sheet Rs. 380
A4 Acrylic Sheet Rs. 320
20x20 Inches Acrylic Sheet Rs. 2,350
A4 Acrylic Sheet Rs. 330
A4 Acrylic Sheet Rs. 420
12 X 24 Inches Acrylic Sheet Rs. 1,490
24 X 24 Inches Acrylic Sheet Rs. 2,180