Aim Whitening Mouthwash

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Compare 116 prices from 11 stores.

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Rs. 145 - Rs. 3595


A quick way to maintain oral health is to use Aim Whitening Mouthwash. This is an anti-bacterial that also has hydrogen peroxide which helps whiten the teeth. It is available for lower-end prices, making it accessible.


Mouthwash is a great way to maintain oral hygiene, one can get the Aim Whitening Mouthwash to use daily. Some people use mouthwash when they are in a hurry and others use it as part of their pre-bedtime routine every day.

The Aim Whitening Mouthwash kills germs and helps maintain fresh breath. The hydrogen peroxide that is added also works to whiten teeth which could be helpful for people who have stained teeth from smoking, tea or coffee.

Mouthwash should be kept away from children.

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The best price of Aim Whitening Mouthwash in Pakistan is Rs. 145 and the estimated average price is Rs. 953.

Price List

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Aquafresh Whitening Pump Toothpaste 100ml Rs. 795
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Sensodyne Gentle Whitening Toothpaste (100gm) Rs. 235
Wisdom Fresh Effect Whitening ToothBrush Rs. 275
Pearl drops whitening toothpolish (Spearmint) Rs. 650
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