Atv Bike

Compare 3 prices from 2 stores.

Compare 3 prices from 2 stores.


Rs. 5990 - Rs. 190000


A bike that has 4 wheels is known as an ATV. ATV bikes are designed to handle more rough terrain, due to this they are often used as workhorses on farms and other places. An ATV is an expensive machine to purchase, with the price depending on the brand and power of the engine.


ATV Bike

An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) that has 4 wheels instead of 2 like a regular bike, ATVs are also called 'quad bikes'. ATV bikes can be from 49cc to a 1000cc or more. ATV bikes make use of different sources to power their functions; these include diesel, petrol or a battery.

Uses of ATV bikes

Aside from the obviously fun activities of taking one for a ride or sports, ATV bikes have a long list of uses. They can be often found on farms, the design enables it to reach places that may be hard to get to otherwise. An ATV can be used for hauling, tilling, transportation of goods, mowing the lawn, dethatching, snow ploughing, sweeping, spreading seeds and many more such tasks. This is why it is common to see an ATV at farms. ATV bikes are also used by law enforcement, the military, surveying, search and rescue, and oil exploration.

Some of these uses need specific tools that can be attached to your ATV bike to make it capable of more, such as the snow plough. One can check to see what they need based on their tasks. ATV bikes also make great aids for field repair jobs.

Dangers and safety considerations

Due to the fact that a person is riding 4 wheels, it gives them a false sense of security, making them push the limit at times. This is very dangerous as a quad bike weighs a lot, if there is an accident they generally roll over, which could break many bones and easily kill a rider too. 

One should wear all the needed protective equipment when riding an ATV bike as the accidents can be just as serious as regular bikes or even worse. This includes the body armour, gloves, a helmet and goggles.


ATV bike tyres have deep treads given they are more often designed for rugged work on outdoor terrains. This leaves deep tracks, there is much discussion about the damage caused by these tracks to the terrain. 

The sporting world has long races over difficult terrain to see who can handle their machine the best.

ATV bikes are available for many different prices depending on the brand and power ratings of the specific machine in question. One can choose based on their budget and what they are looking for.

Some of the most known brands that produce ATVs include Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Cam-Am, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Arctic Cat.

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The best price of Atv Bike in Pakistan is Rs. 5,990 and the estimated average price is Rs. 70,763.

Price List

Model Price
Kids ATV Quad Car With Forward & Backward Functio… Rs. 16,300
ATV Quad Bike 124cc Motor Rs. 190,000
LEGO Friends Turtle Protection ATV - 41697 Rs. 5,990