Bio Hunza Almond Kernel

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Compare 9,744 prices from 73 stores.

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Bio Hunza Almond Kernels are a blend of delicious taste and health benefits. The kernels are carefully cultivated on a family farm in the Hunza Valley, Pakistan and are loaded with vitamins and minerals.


Organic Origins

Each almond begins as a seed in naturally rich soil, free from synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. This commitment to purity is evident in the final product.

Freshness Defined

Bio Hunza Almond Kernels are picked at the height of ripeness, resulting in kernels filled with freshness and natural oils.

Hand-Picked Precision

Bio Hunza carefully hand-selects each almond, ensuring only the plumpest, flawless kernels reach your jar. It is a labour of love that guarantees unmatched quality.

Nutrient-Rich Goodness

Bio Hunza Almond Kernels are a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Packed with protein, fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and monounsaturated fats, they re a snack that not only satisfies but also nourishes.

Good Cholesterol

These almonds are naturally low in bad cholesterol and rich in good fats, helping lower LDL levels and promote heart health.


The high fibre content in Bio Hunza almonds supports healthy digestion and nurtures a thriving gut microbiome.

Distinct Taste

Bio Hunza Almond Kernels are not just healthy, they are incredibly delicious. With natural sweetness and a creamy texture, they are a treat for your taste buds.

Enjoy them raw, roasted or blended into smoothies and desserts.

Sustainable Practices

The brand's dedication to organic farming extends beyond the fields. They use eco-friendly packaging and minimize their carbon footprint, making your healthy snacking choices environmentally responsible.

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