Bloody Headphones

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Compare 46 prices from 8 stores.

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Rs. 3430 - Rs. 25350


Bloody Headphones are from the A4Tech family of peripherals and are specifically designed and developed for gamers. With many different options in design and a few varied features, the Bloody Headphones are among the reliable options for gaming. The pricing is competitive.


Bloody Headphones

A brand that is all about gaming. A wing from the known peripheral maker A4Tech. Under the Bloody moniker, the brand produces keyboards, mouses, mousepads and headphones. The product design is edgy with a gamer-special-ops feel, with many models that have a hint of red to go with the name. Bloody develops products that are high performance so gamers have the best possible speed integration for better play. 

There is a wide range of Bloody Headphones one can choose from. Including versions that have virtual 7.1 surround sound for a great and immersive experience. This even helps one play certain games better such as first-person shooters. This allows one to better locate where the opponent is firing from or what direction the footsteps are coming from, giving one a better idea of their target.

In certain models one can toggle between the different listening modes, so for music one could switch to 2.0 or to 7.1 for their gaming. This gives one multiple option and more ways to make use of their headset.

All the Bloody Headphones are built with a microphone so you can converse with other gamers or with your own team to coordinate strategy.


Bloody Headphones are also set up in tie with a software so one can tweak the sound to their linking. The customisation option is something many gamers love.

The pricing is competitive, despite the quality it is in a more affordable range.

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The best price of Bloody Headphones in Pakistan is Rs. 3,430 and the estimated average price is Rs. 7,723.

Price List

Model Price
Bloody G300 USB Headphone Rs. 5,200
Bloody G535P Surround Sound Gaming Headphone Rs. 6,000
Bloody G230P Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headpho… Rs. 3,430
Bloody G230P Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headpho… Rs. 3,800
Bloody G220 Gaming Headset Rs. 4,500
Bloody G560 Gaming Headset Rs. 6,900
A4tech Bloody MH360 - Wireless Headset Rs. 6,900
A4tech Bloody GR230 - Wireless Gaming Headset Rs. 9,500
A4tech Bloody MR575 - RGB Wireless Gaming Headset Rs. 11,950
A4tech Bloody MR575 - Wireless RGB Gaming Headset Rs. 11,900
A4tech Bloody GR270 - Wireless Gaming Headset Rs. 10,500
A4tech Bloody G535 - 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming He… Rs. 7,500