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The best price of Capri Soap in Pakistan is Rs. 129 and estimated average price is Rs. 369.


Capri soaps are made from natural ingredient with tropical and herbal fragrances that feel luxurious and relaxing.


Fragrant Beauty Soap 

Their selection of plant and flower based ingredients includes aloe vera that promotes collagen growth along with strawberry, green tea, wild orchids, water lily and velvet orchid extracts to create fresh fragrances. For rich and creamy lather there are ingredients such as honey, milk proteins and sea minerals that provide natural cleansing and healing agents for the skin.  

Capri Soap Range 

There are six kinds of Capri soaps that are mild and feel natural on the skin, their texture is smooth and has a soft bubbly lather that gently cleans the skin. There are three sizes of Capri soaps, the Standard Size is 70g, the Bath size is 100g and Large size is 140g that also come in bundles for family sharing and bulk buy. These packs have multiple soap collections either of the same kind of soap or a selection. There is a Bath Bundle Pack that as 3 soaps of 100g each. The Large Bundle pack has three soaps that are 140g each and a Family Pack with 165g soap. 

The Capri Aloe Nurture Extracts has Honey and Milk Protein that is designed to feel hydrating to the skin returning essential nutrients to keep is soft and smooth. Family Bundle Pack (4x165g) The Strawberry Softeners soap has rose petal and milk protein that illuminates the skin. Vitalizing Water Lily has sea minerals that bring the oceanic fresh smells along with essential hydrating agents that keep the skin feeling fresh. Wild orchids and green tea are infused into the Purifying Green Tea soap that is a natural cleanser and returns brightness to the skin. The Nourishing Peach soap has milk proteins that keep the skin soft and glowing  Essential silk proteins are added to the Velvet Orchid that makes the Capri soaps great for keeping the skin hydrated and smooth. 

Price List

Model Price
Capri Pack of 3 Green Soap - 120gm Rs. 300
Capri Pack of 3 Green Soap - 120gm Rs. 293
Capri Pack of 3 Blue Soap - 120gm Rs. 296
Capri Moisturising Honey & Milk Protein Soap 165g… Rs. 340
Capri Velvet Orchid Moisturizing Beauty Soap 140g… Rs. 360
Capri Moisturising Rose Petal and Milk Protein Ba… Rs. 390
Capri Honey and Milk Protein Soap Bar (2 x 140g) Rs. 280
Capri Refreshing Wild Orchid Bar Soap 140g x 3 Rs. 410
Capri Moisturising Honey & Milk Protein Soap Bar … Rs. 240
CAPRI Refreshing Soap Vitalizing Water Rs. 150
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