Colgate Navigator Plus Toothbrush

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Compare 265 prices from 15 stores.

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Rs. 149 - Rs. 19300


Colgate Navigator Plus Toothbrush combines comfort with effective plaque removal and gum care. Its flexible head, cushioned handle and additional features offer a well-rounded dental experience at an affordable price. The toothbrush is available in two varieties including Soft and Medium.


Flexible Head

The standout feature of the Colgate Navigator Plus Toothbrush is its flexible head. The design allows the toothbrush to adapt to the curves and crevices of your teeth, reaching hidden areas where regular brushes might struggle.

This flexibility not only enhances plaque removal but also minimizes gum irritation, especially crucial for those with sensitive mouths.

Contoured Design

The toothbrush handle is carefully crafted with a super-wide cushion and contoured grip. This design ensures a snug fit in your hand, providing exceptional control and minimizing fatigue during brushing.

Navigator Plus aims to make teeth brushing a comfortable and pain-free experience.

Soft Bristles

Colgate Navigator Plus Toothbrush goes beyond flexibility and comfort. Its soft bristles are designed to gently polish away surface stains, working alongside a raised tongue cleaner to combat bad breath and promote overall oral health.

This toothbrush strives to be a comprehensive solution for maintaining a dazzling smile.

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The best price of Colgate Navigator Plus Toothbrush in Pakistan is Rs. 149 and the estimated average price is Rs. 889.

Price List

Model Price
Colgate Navigator Plus Soft Toothbrush Rs. 170
COLGATE - Toothbrush Navigator Plus Rs. 250
Colgate Tooth Brush Navigator Plus Soft Rs. 170
Colgate Classic Deep Clean Tooth Brush Rs. 250
Colgate Junior Extra Soft Tooth Brush Rs. 295
Colgate 360 Degree Whole Mouth Clean Soft Toothbr… Rs. 190
Colgate Tooth Brush-360-sensitive Rs. 165
Colgate Herbal Toothpaste, 150g Brush Pack Rs. 245
Colgate Tooth Brush Extra Clean Med Buy 2 Get 1 Rs. 155
Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrush - Triple Pack (med… Rs. 154
Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush Rs. 160
Colgate 360 Degree Sensitive Pro-Relief Ultra Sof… Rs. 200