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The best price of Creed Erolfa in Pakistan is Rs. 50,299 and estimated average price is Rs. 52,012.


One of the most renowned brands when it comes to fragrances, Creed has a lot of options many of which are very successful with their fans. Creed Erolfa is a cologne that was released in cologne with a marine quality to it. It also has a complex mix of other tones that shine through, including citrus, wood, fresh spic, amber and more. The price of this cologne is high, similar to all other options by Creed.


Creed started with a pair of scented gloves that were in the keep of King George III. He later commissioned the brand to produce a scent and Creed was established thereon, in 1760. Having passed down the ages within the family, Creed is one of the best brands when it comes to fragrances. With many options today and a whole range of very successful scents.

Erolfa was created as an ode to the Creed family's memories of sailing in the Mediterranean, the name comes from the first two alphabets of three family members.

Creed Erolfa

Launched in 1992, Creed Erolfa is one of those scents with a lot of notes mixed to create it. The top layer has bergamot, lime, melon, green notes, lemon, violet and caraway. This mix for the head notes creates a fresh aromatic start to the cologne. The middle notes include herbal notes, pine tree, ginger, jasmine, pepper, cyclamen and nutmeg flower. Giving the top a lot more fullness with woodiness, spice and a slight floral tone too.

The base layer is made from ambergris, musk, sandalwood, oakmoss and cedar. This roots into some more wood, the musk, Fougere feels from oakmoss and salty marine tones from the ambergris.

This makes for a very well balanced out scent that has a summer feel with an animalistic base. It has a lot of staying power and a moderate sillage, making it a good cover for your day. Also, Erolfa is not too overpowering so one can easily wear it as their regular choice or at the office too.


Creed Erolfa, much like all other Creed fragrances, is from an expensive price point. Especially for something that runs out. Still a masterpiece when it comes to marine-themed fragrances.

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Model Price
Creed Erolfa For Men Edp Spray 100ml -Perfume Rs. 50,299
Erolfa by Creed 120ml EDP for Men Rs. 55,440
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