Dawlance Washing Machines Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dawlance Washing Machines in Pakistan is Rs. 6,285 and estimated average price is Rs. 51,206.


Dawlance washing machines are available at affordable prices in Pakistan and come in a wide variety of options. You can choose from manual to semi-automatic and fully automatic variety.


Types & Affordable Options 

Dawlance washing machines include Single Tub washers, Semi-Automatic Twin Tub, Fully Automatic, Spinner and Front Load washing machines. Some of the most popular and affordable options are as follows.

1. DW-9100C -  Single Tub Washing Machine

This single tub washing machine by Dawlance runs on solar energy as well as battery and comes with a lifetime motor warranty. They are also equipped with the WATERFALL WASH function that ensures better dissolution and penetration of detergent. The waterfall function also leads to better stain removal, low detergent residue and the equal mixing of detergent even at low water levels. Due to the large tub size and high powered motor, you can even wash bigger items like blankets, duvets and curtain.

2. DW 270 ES - Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The fully automatic washing machines by Dawlance are integrated with the Triple Waterfall wash function that thoroughly removes stains and cleans fabrics by quickly dissolving the detergent. Dawlance has installed a pro fabric drum inside its fully automatic washing machines that is responsible for gently handling the clothes without damaging the fibres. The Extreme Plus Air Dryer feature quickly dries up the fabrics in under 90 Minutes. With the automatic washing machines by Dawlance, you don't need to manually put the detergent into the machine as it comes with an Auto Dose function. This instigates an automatic process of dispensing detergent whenever there is a need during the wash cycles. 

Dawlance washing machine prices in Pakistan are mostly in the affordable category but the advanced ones are priced higher. Buy these affordable machines from a variety of our trusted online sellers on this page.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance Top Load Washing Machine 8 Kg DW-6100C Rs. 22,800
Dawlance DWT 11671 FLT Automatic Top Load Washing… Rs. 64,400
Dawlance Top Loading Automatic Washing Machine DW… Rs. 75,400
Dawlance Fully Automatic Washing Machine – DWT 2… Rs. 49,199
Dawlance DW-9100 G Glass Door Single Tub Washing … Rs. 25,300
Dawlance Washing Machine Twin Tub DW 10500C 15KG Rs. 38,300
Dawlance Spinner Ds-9000 Rs. 22,900
Dawlance DW-6550W Twin Tub Washing Machine Rs. 33,500
Dawlance Washing Machine WM-5100 DC Rs. 25,400
Dawlance 8kg W/M DW-6100 Rs. 20,000
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