Dell Laptop Battery Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dell Laptop Battery in Pakistan is Rs. 24,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 26,499.


Laptops use a rechargeable battery that makes them portable and lightweight but after 18 months they start to weaken. The battery starts to wear out with excessive usage reducing the standby time significantly where the user has to keep the laptop plugged in the charger at all times bringing down productivity and functionality of the laptop.



The Dell laptop battery price in Pakistan depends on the wattage model. These are removable lithium-ion batteries usually polymer as these are popularly used to build dell laptops as they have a thinner size as compared to other lithium-ion models. The laptop battery is supposed to give you 12 to 16 hours of uninterrupted power in a single charge. If you have an old laptop and want to maintain this performance it becomes important to replace your battery. The lithium-ion polymer battery technology tends to start swelling over the passage of time. Users that have their laptop charger adapter always plugged into their laptop tend to overload their batteries leading to potential damage to the system. If the battery has started to swell it is best to let it drain out completely and then try recharging it. 


The Cell laptop battery that has higher Wattage hours (Wh) will have a better performance as compared to the systems regular lower end Wh requirement. It is important to check the date of manufacture on the new battery as if it has been over 18 months then the battery has already deteriorated and wont improve your laptops performance. 

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Model Price
Dell 55 WHr 4 Cell Primary Lithium-Ion Battery Rs. 28,499
Dell: Laptop Replacement Battery, 11.4V, 97Wh for… Rs. 24,500
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