Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Osaka Battery in Pakistan is Rs. 5,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 17,160.


A local brand, Osaka has a wide variety of batteries including motorcycle batteries, automotive batteries, maintenance-free batteries, tubular batteries and VRLA batteries. Which battery you need depends on what specific purpose it is to be used for.


Osaka the brand

Osaka is a Pakistani brand with state of the art production lines and over 1000 employees. Their head office is set up in Islamabad. Osaka has been producing batteries for more than 19 years. Initially with the help and technical support of Chloride Industrial Batteries Limited, which is a subsidiary of Hawker Batteries UK. Hawker Batteries is one of the largest industrial battery brands in the world.

Osaka batteries

Producing batteries with the ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification, Osaka has a complete range of batteries. Their variety includes motorcycle batteries ranging from 04 Amp to 10 Amp, automotive batteries from 32 Amp to 240 Amp. They are also manufacturing maintenance-free batteries, ranging from 32 Amp to 200 Amp. Furnishing the need of tubular batteries that work better with solar panels and stand by power, ranging from 80 Amo to 160 Amp. Osaka even has production capabilities that allow them to make Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries, from 80 Amp to 200 Amp with front access and top terminals; for telecommunications and alternative energy. 

Which battery you purchase from Osaka depends on the requirement you have, the batteries vary depending on intended usage as do the price points.

Price List

Model Price
Osaka MF 95L Maintenance Free Battery 78 Ah Rs. 27,816
Osaka Platinum P-180 S Battery 21 Plates 130 Ah Rs. 33,490
Osaka MF 75L Maintenance Free Battery 50 Ah Rs. 20,606
Osaka MF 110L Maintenance Free Battery 90 Ah Rs. 18,570
Osaka S85Z Plus Lead Acid Battery 11 Plates 60 AH Rs. 10,530
Osaka Platinum P-175 S Battery 19 Plates 120 Ah Rs. 25,300
Osaka IPS Gold 850 Battery 120 Ah Rs. 23,310
Osaka MF DIN55 Volta Fujika Battery 55 Ah Rs. 18,090
Osaka S105L Plus Lead Acid Battery 13 Plates 80 AH Rs. 20,606
Osaka MF 100L Maintenance Free Battery 80 Ah Rs. 16,550
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