Dermacol Makeup Cover Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dermacol Makeup Cover in Pakistan is Rs. 1,600 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,822.


Dermacol began as a joint venture between cosmetic specialists and film make-up experts in Prague, the Czech Republic during the early 1960s. The Dermacol Make-up Cover line found its way to Hollywood in 1969 and become one of the most widely used makeup for dressing the most iconic Hollywood divas. Today it is still considered the go-to brand for most makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. Check out Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation prices in Pakistan and its pros and cons on this page.

Pros & Cons


  • Long-wearing

  • Pocket friendly

  • Contains SPF 30

  • Gives full coverage

  • Hides dark circles well 

  • Can even cover tattoos

  • Creamy and velvety texture

  • Waterproof & Preservative-free

  • Can conceal even serious hard to tackle blemishes

  • Can also be used as a corrector and under-eye concealer

  • Only a pea-sized amount is needed for hiding most imperfections


  • Oxidizes quickly

  • Difficult to blend

  • Not for very oily or dry skin


Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation Coverage & Quality

The product comes with a light and pleasant floral fragrance and the quality of this product is remarkable if you are able to get your hands on the original Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation. It comes in a slim gold-coloured slim aluminium tube and is economically priced. The product is a foundation that also works as a concealer, contour as well as a corrector and highlighter. It contains hydrophobic ingredients that are known to repel water, making it a waterproof product. The foundation has a rich creamy texture akin to a velvety mousse which gives it a very thick consistency. It is a long-wearing and waterproof formula that stays on all day long even in hot sultry weather conditions. 

How to Use Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation

First, find the right shade and then use it as a foundation or a corrector. You can buy multiple shades of this foundation and use them for different purposes like a darker shade for contouring, lightest most shade for highlighting. You can also use it around your eyes to conceal dark circles, provided you buy the right shade that can hide your dark eye area. Apply it on blemishes and imperfections to hide them or use a darker shade of this foundation with bronzer to give yourself a tanned, sunkissed look. If you want a more natural and less prominent base, this is not the right option unless you mix in a bit of a liquid highlighter to loosen up its thick consistency. Though it will become blendable and easier to apply, mixing it with other products will decrease its coverage capability and also may not stay on for long. 

Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation Shades

1. For Very Light Skin Tones

208 - cold tone

207 - neutral tone

209 - cold tone

2. For Light Skin Tones

210 - neutral tone

211 - cold tone

212 - cold tone

3. For Medium Skin Tones

213 - neutral tone

215 - cold tone

218 - warm tone

225 - warm tone

226 - cold tone

4. For Medium to Dark Skin Tones

221 - neutral tone

227 - warm tone

222 - warm tone

5. For Dark Skin Tones

223 - cold tone

224 - warm tone

228 - warm tone

6. For Very Dark Skin Tones

229 - warm tone

231 - warm tone

Tips & Comments

If you don't sweat much around the face and neck, this is sure to give you a good coverage even in the sweltering summer heat of Pakistan. Use sparingly if your face tends to sweat a lot in the heat or humid surroundings. Though Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation gives great full coverage and can hide all spots and blemishes, the thick texture can be problematic for some skin types. If you have enlarged pores, wrinkles or fine hair on your face, keep in mind that this foundation will settle into pores and hair, giving a caked-on look. It is best not to use Dermacol foundation with conflicting products such as a too oily primer, over-hydrating moisturizer, thick coverage face powder etc. For best results, use Dermacol products such as primers and face powders with this foundation, otherwise, it tends to oxidize quickly and becomes darker than the original shade.

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Price List

Model Price
Dermacol Make-Up Cover - 213 Rs. 2,000
Dermacol Make-Up Cover - 210 Rs. 2,000
Dermacol Make-Up Cover - 209 Rs. 2,000
Dermacol Make-Up Cover - 208 Rs. 2,000
Dermacol Make-Up Cover - 213 Rs. 2,000
Dermacol Filmstudio Barrandov Prague Make Up Cove… Rs. 1,699
Dermacol Make-Up Cover - 224 Rs. 2,000
Dermacol Make-Up Cover - 211 Rs. 2,000
Dermacol Make-Up Cover - 207 Rs. 2,000
Dermacol Make-Up Cover - 223 Rs. 2,000
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