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The best price of Electric Oven in Pakistan is Rs. 16,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 47,757.


With a wide variety of ovens in the market, finding the right one for yourself is a mind raking task. While a gas oven is more popular, electric ones come in cheaper than their gas counterparts. The heat in an electric oven is dry, constant and evenly distributed, making it a great appliance for baking and roasting. National, Cambridge, Sonashi and Westpoint are some of the brands selling good quality electric ovens at highly affordable prices in Pakistan.

Pros & Cons


  • They heat up faster than gas ones

  • Considerably cheaper than gas ovens

  • Great for crisping or browning of food

  • Steady and evenly distributed dry heat


  • Takes longer to heat up

  • Food can get over browned

  • Cant function if the power goes out


Affordable Electric Ovens in Pakistan 

Gaba National GNO-1150, Sonashi 48L STO 725 and Cambridge EO 636 are three of the most budget-friendly and multipurpose electric ovens in Pakistan. They come with convection and grill as well as rotisserie and baking functions.

Cooking in an Electric Oven

You can bake, roast and grill a variety of foods in an electric oven such as pizza, cake, chicken, fish, brownies, lasagne etc. Place the cake batter or anything that you want to bake or roast, in the centre of the oven to ensure even cooking. This will distribute the heat evenly and the cake will bake perfectly from all sides.

Longer Preheating for Optimal Temperature

For attaining an optimal temperature, preheat the electric oven longer. They are not like gas ovens that instantly heat up. The coils inside the electric oven need time to heat up completely, hence the oven takes longer to become fully ready for cooking. For this reason, it is always better to preheat an electric oven for a long time before you begin to cook food. While the oven is heating up, utilize that time to prepare cake batter or other preps required for cooking that specific food item. 

Use Foil to Prevent Over-browning

Electric ovens tend to over-brown the food if the temperature is not set right or if the food is left to cook for a longer period than necessary. To prevent over crispening and browning, loosely place a piece of aluminium foil over the food if you can see the edges beginning to brown way before the dish is done. 

Use the Right Baking Utensils

Before you start with baking, it is very important to know the kind of bakeware you need for various purposes. For browning sides and bottoms, go for metal bakeware. For decreased browning, opt for glass, ceramic, or silicone bakeware as non-metal utensils don't conduct heat more and in turn, reduce the amount of browning. 

Add Steam When Needed

The inside of an electric oven is a dry environment, totally void of moisture. This is not an ideal situation if you intend to bake bread. To make the environment more suitable for baking bread, you can add a little steam to the oven to make the bread rise. All you need to do is add the steam at the start of baking. Take a pan and pour a glass of hot water into it and place it at the bottom of the oven. With alternate gaps, slightly open the oven door and with a spray bottle spritz some moisture into the air.

Price List

Model Price
Esquire Electric Oven M4552RO1D1MA Rs. 39,200
Electric Oven / Baking Oven / convection electric… Rs. 16,000
Electric Oven / Baking Oven / convection electric… Rs. 18,000
M4551 Esquire Electric Oven (45Ltr) Silver Rs. 32,999
Esquire M703IR03N 0IA ELECTRIC OVEN Rs. 50,000
DeLonghi Electric Convection Oven, With Digital D… Rs. 62,822
Cambridge | Electric Oven | SKU | EO6237 Rs. 21,700
Electric Oven / Baking Oven / convection electric… Rs. 18,000
CROWN B4-FGE23E3TIX Built-In Oven 73 Litre Digita… Rs. 85,000
Cambridge | Electric Oven | EO6235 Rs. 20,720
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