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The best price of Electronic Cigarette in Pakistan is Rs. 2,051 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,051.


The e-cigarettes are a compact and discrete pen-like device powered with portable batteries. It has a liquid burning mechanism inside that produces a flavoured aerosol vapour to inhale deeply through the mouth.



The electronic cigarette uses replaceable cartridges that hold liquid nicotine, water, and propylene glycol that is an agent to thicken the liquid for optimum burning on the atomizer. Lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket or purse the device is ideal for users looking to quit smoking. It is a battery-operated device for various model designs. The vaporized solution can be inhaled through one end of the stick similar to a traditional cigarette. The electronic device removes all tar and carbon monoxide from the process of inhaling nicotine making it a much healthier alternative to inhaling burning tobacco. 

Other than e-cigarettes there are also e-hookahs, vaporizer cigarettes, vapes, and vape pens available in the market that emit large clouds of vapour with dozens of flavours. Depending on your personal preferences for shape and colour design of the cigarette, various companies make entire packs of disposable e-cigarettes as well that are cheaper than high-end companies like JUUL. Some devices look like a regular cigarette, cigar, pipe, and even as small as a USB drive. 

Liquid Nicotine

There are various percentages of nicotine available in cartridges and bottles for users to help substitute smoking tobacco. The liquid offers the same levels of nicotine without smoking too much of the vapour. These e-cigarettes are sold in many categories of flavour, from traditional tobacco and mint to fruity and dessert flavours. The internal non-removable battery when switched on with a button automatically heats the liquid nicotine inside the cartridge to create the steam or vapour in the device. 

Health Risk 

Even though substituting tar filled tobacco sticks can reduce the risk of cancer there are still certain toxic chemicals in e-cigarette aerosols (e.g., formaldehyde, acrolein). These chemicals are still under study by experts and are known to potentially cause damage to the body's DNA and mutagenesis. These might be safer than traditional smoking but e-cigarettes can cause coughing, especially in younger users. The chemicals in electronic cigarettes include carcinogens, acrolein, benzene, diacetyl, propylene glycol along with other particles that can advertising affect the lungs. 

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