Engine Oil Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Engine Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 800 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,509.


The oil is used to lubricate the parts of the engine and to reduce friction. The oil helps increase the life of the engine parts and maintain the right engine temperature. Check out engine oil prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Engine Oil Best Brands

Castrol, ZIC, Aisin, Totachi, Motul, Valvoline, Liqui Moly, Schaeffer's, Shell, Mobil and Pennzoil are some of the best brands that manufacture top quality oil for the engine. 

The Role of Engine Oil

1. The oil helps lubricate engine parts and reduce friction.

2. Apart from reducing friction and increasing the longevity of engine parts, the oil helps reduce clucking noises that tend to occur when the oil level is low.

3. It prevents the car from overheating by dispersing heat and maintaining the right temperature.

4. It keeps the engine parts cool and efficient and enhances the car's performance.

5. Changing oil routinely enhances the vehicle's performance and can help keep the engine in optimum condition.

6. Oil minimizes oxidization, preventing the engine parts from corroding. 

Engine Oil Types & Grades

Oil tends to solidify in colder temperatures. Oil type and viscosity vary depending on the season. For the winter season, vehicle owners go for an oil that has an SAE rating of 5W-30. This means that the oil is suitable for use in winters and has been tested for colder temperatures. The oil must be thinner for use in the winter season as it will help start your vehicle much faster than a thicker one. Types of oil for the engine include Conventional Oil, Full-Synthetic Oil, Synthetic Blend Oil and High-Mileage Oil. 

Oil Change

The oil frequently moves in and out of all engine components and in the process it tends to carry a lot of dirt and debris. This degrades the oil's quality over time. So it is important that you routinely change oil for it to be effective. Some people make the mistake of adding more oil but they do not routinely change the oil. This can result in a decreased performance and a ceased engine in the long run and you may have to replace the entire engine. Changing the oil for engine is the least expensive ways of maintaining your vehicle. 

Price List

Model Price
Petromin Synthomix 10W-40 4 Liter SN Semi Synthet… Rs. 5,199
DISOLA-A (4 LTR) Car Diesel Engine Motor Oil Engi… Rs. 2,607
Liqui Moly Oil Additive for motor Bikes and cars … Rs. 2,049
LiquiMoly Formula Super 20W-50 Engine Oil for Esp… Rs. 7,400
AMSOIL Oil Filter Fortuner, Revo... Rs. 6,500
Totachi Oil Filter HONDA Rs. 1,850
AMSOIL Oil Filter Toyota (Grande... Rs. 6,499
DISOLA-A (8 LTR) Liter Car Diesel Engine Motor O… Rs. 5,130
AMSOIL Engine Flush Oil Additive... Rs. 2,699
Liqui Moly Hypoid Gear Oil GL5 8... Rs. 2,650
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