Eva Cooking Oil Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Eva Cooking Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 245 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,123.


Eva is treated at Ultra High Temperature (UHT) under carefully controlled and monitored system, which provides optimum purification, removes odour utterly and renders longer shelf-life.


The Shujabad Agro Industries established Eva Cooking Oil along with other edible oils including cottonseed, sunflower, soybean and canola. These variations are credited to their advanced refinery and state of the art facility started in 1990. The company is one of the largest importers and processors of cooking oil in Pakistan.The Eva oil product range includes Eva Cooking Oil, Eva Canola Oil,  Eva Sunflower Oil and Eva Vegetable Banaspati.  All Eva cooling oils are naturally manufactured and odourless ensuring that they do not interfere with the taste of the cuisine. They do not freeze at zero degrees temperature as a great quality check to their premium standard. 

Eva Cooking Oil

It is made from a blend of canola, soybean and sunflower extracted oils that are a cholesterol-free and healthier alternative to butter. The cooking oil is known to have low saturated fatty acids ensuring that it removes risks of harmful Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) seen as bad cholesterol. Excessive use of oil in cooking can lead to adverse conditions of coronary heart diseases. Eva only has 7% saturated fatty acids that are half of what is contained in regular corn oil, olive oil and soybean oil. It is one-quarter lower than the fatty acids in cottonseed oil making it ideal for maintaining a healthy diet.

Eva Canola Oil

Canola is one of the only non-fish sources of Omega-3 that is considered an essential fatty acid (EFAs) consumed regularly to keep the body feeling energised and at its optimal functioning potential. Fatty acids are great for lowering harmful cholesterol levels in the body. 


Eva cooking oil has an Easy-Open packaging design for its tin can containers and Stand-up capped pouches that are smart design easy to use and store in the kitchen. The packaging design ensures that the containers remain hygienic, seal and easy to clean for frequent usage. 

Price List

Model Price
Eva Cooking Oil Stand up Pouch 1Ltr x 5 Rs. 2,769
Eva Canola Oil 5Ltr Pet Bottle Rs. 2,940
Eva Sunflower Oil 5Ltr Pet Bottle Rs. 2,915
Eva Cooking Oil Standup Pouch 1 Litre x 5 Rs. 3,150
Eva Cooking Oil 5ltr Rs. 2,950
Eva Cooking Oil 5Ltr Pet Bottle Rs. 2,890
Eva Cooking Oil 3Ltr Pet Bottle Rs. 1,665
Eva Cooking Oil 3 Litres Bottle Rs. 2,199
Eva Canola Oil 5Ltr Pet Bottle Rs. 2,940
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