Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick in Pakistan is Rs. 1,399 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,399.


The Extreme Matte Lipstick range by Flormar has 16 shades of beautifully matte lip colours. These include a shade for every skin tone and look great on all complexions. Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick prices vary depending on the seller but they are all easy on the pocket.


Design & Packaging

The tips of Flormar Extreme Matte Lipsticks have a distinctive triangular shape that aids in precision. The sharp tips help you line your lips easily, eliminating the need for a lip liner. These bullet lipsticks come in tasteful black packaging that gives a premium look.

The black exterior is opaque all around but is see-through close to the bottom, from where the lipstick shade is visible. Overall the design is lovely but makes for a bulky lipstick to carry in a handbag. 

Lip Hydrating Formula

Flormar has infused its Extreme Matte Lipsticks with CupuaƧu and light ester oils. Both combine to keep the lips hydrated and moisturized. However, the hydration doesn't stay all day long and the lips do tend to get dry by the end of the day.

Extreme Matte Finish

True to their name, these lipsticks deliver an extremely matte finish. The lighter shades have a velvety soft texture and feel smooth on the lips. On the downside, the darker and brighter shades are a little drying and have the tendency to make the lips look a bit dehydrated. 

Pro Tips 

Apply Flormar Extreme Matte Lipsticks with their flat and sharp tip for a precise and matching outline. For a smoother finish and a cleaner look, apply the lipstick with a clean lip brush and a lipliner on freshly prepped lips.

Since these are extreme matte formulas, make sure to first prep and prime the lips before applying these lipsticks. This will ensure their longevity and will also prevent the lips from drying out or the lipstick from settling into lines and cracks. Use a good makeup remover for quick and easy removal of these lipsticks.

Price List

Model Price
Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick - 05 Carmen Dress Rs. 1,399
Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick, 004 Red Carpet Rs. 1,399
Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick Rs. 1,399
Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick - 09 Skin Tone Rs. 1,399
Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick - 07 Haute Burgundy Rs. 1,399
Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick, 001 Warm Nude Rs. 1,399
Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick, 002, Pale Pink Rs. 1,399
Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick - 11 Daylight Rs. 1,399
Flormar Extreme Matte Lipstick - 12 Sweet Blush Rs. 1,399
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