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The best price of Golden Pearl Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 80 and estimated average price is Rs. 284.


Golden Pearl cream can be used all year round and is suitable for all skin types. It promises to deliver soft and glowing skin throughout the year. All Golden Peal Cosmetic skincare products are locally sourced and manufactured at a state of the art laboratory. They have the highest standard approved by credible authorities on product testing from nationally and internationally recognised organisations. They have an affordable price point, are available to order online and are shipped all over Pakistan.   


Golden Pearl Cosmetics

Golden Pearl Cosmetics started from Chichawatni located in the Sahiwal District of Punjab. It has established itself as one of the leading Pakistani cosmetics brands through its state of the art facility in Lahore. They have a wide range of personal care products that are tested through a Q.C and R&D laboratory. These microbiological laboratories have scientific testing equipment and qualified experts ensuring the products are safe and effective.

Ingredients & Product Testing 

Golden Pearl Beauty Cream is an organic and affordable cream that improves skin complexion, clears pimples, wrinkles, blemish marks, hives and lightens dark circles. When used regularly it can clear burn and cut marks as well. The formula for the cream is created through careful selection of natural herbs extracted with expert research and laboratory processing. A Q.C laboratory tests all ingredients and raw materials being used in the cream. It will ensure the final product testing is done with HPLC, UV spectrometry and potentiometer instruments. The R&D laboratory does the pilot batch mixing and observes the stability chamber while testing the products. The microbiological laboratory is conducting tests under a controlled environment of the HVAC system and BSL2 standard cabin. All of these precautions and expertise ensures Golden Peal cream is up to international export standards. It is approved by RICI Pakistan that is a rigorous certification, training, inspection, calibration and testing services provider established in 2014.

Registered Company

Golden Peal Cosmetics is registered with Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority also known as PSQCA and has a PS Mark for all their beauty products. It can remove pimples, cysts and caters to some acne problems. It can act like a sunscreen protecting the face from the harsh effects of sunlight and daily sun exposure.

Beauty Products 

The Golden Peal beauty and skincare products available online are Active Neem Face Wash, Anti Bacterial Whitening Soap, Anti Freckle and Anti Melasma Essence, Anti Freckle Cleanser, Anti Freckle cream, Anti Freckle Kit, Anti Freckle Serum, Attraction Body Spray, Blackhead Removing Mask, Bleach Power and Blue Yacht Body Spray.

Price List

Model Price
Golden Pearl Flawless Skin Cream, 25ml Rs. 310
golden pearl light & glow cream 25ml Rs. 82
Light and Glow Fairness Cream | Golden Pearl - Li… Rs. 220
Golden Pearl Cream 28gm Rs. 268
Glow Boosting Cream Rs. 450
Golden Pearl Beauty Cream 28gm Rs. 250
Golden Pearl Skin Lightening Massage Cream 300ml Rs. 375
Golden Perl Beauty Cream With Serum 3ml Rs. 400
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