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The best price of Gps Device in Pakistan is Rs. 29,095 and estimated average price is Rs. 46,931.


We have a GPS device in our smartphones that helps us navigate Google Maps, measure distances and be able to track a host of activities through various applications and features built into the device. There is another kind that is a stand-alone device that is just a GPS device. This kind of device is affordable and traditionally used to track, monitor and calculate movements in the car.


A GPS device is able to receive signals from a satellite transmission in seconds and calculate complex data to help users manage daily tasks and records. When used in the car it can track the mileage and set reminders or alerts for timely vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, engine performance and many other helpful features that prevent devaluing the price of your car. GPS devices also monitor unsafe driving and are used often by commuters to avoid speeding tickets. The geofencing and real-time location tracking features are used to monitor people by law enforcement but such features are also helpful to provide safety for underage children and elderly care.  


A GPS device is small and compact making it easy to hide within the car or carry on your person with discretion. They can be linked to a Google Maps network allowing detection of the device in real-time with a number of people or agencies ensuring maximum safety at all times. Google Maps allows you to view the location of the device making it easy to supervise logistics in various businesses or secure your own property at all times. GPS devices can also have an emergency alert system that allows you to notify the receiver of the signal of your situation. 

Price List

Model Price
Garmin TT 15 Mini GPS Dog Training Device (010-01… Rs. 51,865
Garmin TT 15 Mini GPS Dog Training Device Green (… Rs. 51,865
Garmin T 5 Mini GPS Dog Training Device (010-0148… Rs. 46,173
Garmin PRO 70 GPS Dog Training Device (010-01201-… Rs. 55,660
Garmin PT 10 GPS Dog Training Device Red (010-012… Rs. 29,095
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