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The best price of Greek Yogurt in Pakistan is Rs. 7,199 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,399.


Greek Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics and proteins that improve the body's immunity and regenerative healing abilities.


The traditional Greek yoghurt can be made by using goat's milk and is widely sold in the market by various companies. The classic Greek yoghurt is kept plain without any added sugar which ensures that it is low-fat and healthy for human consumption. The process used to create the yoghurt is removing any excess water from the final product. It does not have lactose and minerals found in regular yoghurt. The texture is very rich and creamy.

Balanced Diet

It has more carbs and tastes slightly sour as compared to mainstream yoghurt. The final product has high levels of nutrients that are easier to absorb by the body at a microcellular level. The most essential nutrient in the yoghurt is Vitamin B-12 that improves the health of red blood cells, brain function and bloodwork.


Greek yoghurt is soft on the stomach and can be consumed when suffering from chronic diarrhoea and pain caused by indigestion. It is high in calcium which is essential for bone and muscle health.

Children and adults both need a healthy source of calcium in order to prevent the risk of osteoporosis in old age. Greek yoghurt strengthens cartilage, improves skin and hair and cleanses the blood.

Having Greek yoghurt for breakfast can feel refreshing and light as compared to other fried food items. A single serving can provide up to 6.8 percentage of potassium that helps lower blood pressure and maintain healthy sodium composition in your body.

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Model Price
Atkins Blueberry Greek Yogurt 5 Bars Rs. 7,199
Pure Protein Berry Greek Yogurt Protein Bar (Pack… Rs. 7,499
Pure Protein Strawberry Greek Yogurt Protein Bar … Rs. 7,499
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