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A wall-mounted electric device installed in the washrooms for drying hands after washing, hand drying machines come in multiple types, designs, power and materials. They eliminate the need for having cloth towels or paper towels for drying hands, being a cost effective alternative. If you are looking for good quality ones, check out hand dryer prices in Pakistan on our website and read on for more information.


There are different types of hand dryer machines that are used these days. Some may come with a push-button but the more convenient are the ones with a built-in sensor. They are noisy machines that are designed to blow out warm or cold air at high speeds, drying the hands within seconds. Dyson and Siemens are major players in the world of hand drying machines.

Public Restrooms

Places like offices, restaurants, educational institutes, shopping stores etc have to these convenient hand drying devices installed in the washrooms. Salons and spas also have them installed in the work area as many beauty and grooming procedures require washing of hands every now and then.

Home Bathrooms

Hand dryers are also used at homes but the good ones are quite expensive for home use. Newer types include designs that have dryers built into the tap. You can also buy the small Chinese made 1000 watts units for home use as they are not very expensive. The only downside is the lack of HEPA filtration in these machines. 

HEPA Filtration Technology

The newer models of hand dryers are equipped with HEPA filtration technology that capture the particles, viruses and bacteria circulating in the air and filter them. This way they blow out fresh clean air that is free of any germs. More advanced ones are also equipped with a grill to capture bigger particles and a fleece layer to capture furry fibres and a pleated HEPA space for retaining stuff as small as 0.3 microns. 

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