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The best price of Jazaa Koyla Karahi in Pakistan is Rs. 90 and estimated average price is Rs. 124.


Jazaa Koyla Karahi is a masala that is mixed so one can cook their koyla karahi with ease. The pre-made mix has a fine balance of spices and herbs that gives you the best flavor you are looking to have for your dish.


The Jazaa Koyla Karahi masala mix is a great way to get just the right flavor for your koyla karahi.

Koya karhai is smoked with burning coal, therefore the name. The masala mix from Jazaa makes certain that you get the best kind of flavor for your koyla karahi each time. This is especially helpful if you plan to cook larger quantities of food for a feast.

Jazaa's Koyla Karahi has the instructions for preparation mentioned on the box so you can get your koyla karahi cooked to perfection. The smoking process adds a flavor unlike anything else.

Price List

Model Price
Jazaa Koyla Karahi Masala Recipe Mix 80 gm Rs. 170
Jazaa Koyla Karahi 40+40g Rs. 99
Jazaa Koyla Karahi Masala, 1+1 Two Packs Inside, … Rs. 150
Jazaa Koyla Karahi Masala, 40g Rs. 90
Jazaa Koyla Karhai 40 Gms Rs. 90
Jazaa Koyla Karahi Masala Recipe Mix 80 gm Rs. 170
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