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The best price of Kingston Usb in Pakistan is Rs. 450 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,766.


Kingston is one of the well-known brands producing USB drives. A USB is a very useful device to carry around files or even use as a bootable drive. There are a lot of different sizes, speeds and also designs one can find from Kingston's range. The price of Kingston USB depends on the storage size, lesser storage is a lot cheaper and higher storage costs more.

Pros & Cons


  • Can pick up malware



Kingston is a leader among Flash Memory products, especially DRAM. The brand also produces USBs which are one of the most used in the market.

The biggest advantage of a USB is that it is a very compact device and can store quite a lot of information; depending on its size.

Why USB flash drives are helpful

If quick access to storage is a need, a Kingston USB will sort you out. USBs are fast with the transfer rates; depending on the USB protocol standard the rates do vary as well. A USB 2.0 is quite a lot slower than a USB 3.0.

The storage space can vary from a few GB to a few TB of space. These drives are durable as they do not have any moving parts. Though over time, all USBs do degrade as they have a number of read & write cycles; this number is in the tens of thousands so the usage is quite a bit.

You could also use your Kingston USB to work from different machines with the same files, or also use it as a drive with a bootable OS. A USB can also be fit with a diagnostics tool for some systems.


There are some brands which are the top options for USBs and Kingston is one of them. The prices vary depending on the specific storage amount and speed standard. Some are very affordable options while others can cost substantially more.

Price List

Model Price
Kingston USB Flash Drive 32 GB Lifetime Warranty-… Rs. 949
Kingston 64gb Usb Flash Drives Rs. 849
Usb Kingston 32 Gb ( 6 Months Warranty) Rs. 730
Kingston DT-Exodia 32GB USB Rs. 1,249
Kingston USB Flash Drive 128 GB Lifetime Warranty… Rs. 2,199
Usb Kingston 32 Gb ( 6 Months Warranty) Rs. 730
32gb/64gb Kingston DataTraveler Exodia Original U… Rs. 800
Kingston DataTraveler 50 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) … Rs. 1,499
Kingston USB Flash Drive 64 GB Lifetime Warranty-… Rs. 1,149
Kingston 16GB USB 3.0 Metal Flash Drive (DT50) Rs. 750
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