Kryolan Eye Shadow Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Kryolan Eye Shadow in Pakistan is Rs. 1,537 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,357.


Kryolan is known for its extensive range of makeup products. Its eyeshadows are available in multiple finishes and sizes and all have highly pigmented shades. Kryolan Eye shadow prices are in the mid-range and the quality is impeccable.


Kryolan Eye Shadow Palettes

The palette houses multiple eye shadows in one. The larger ones comprise up to 18 colours per palette. These are fully pigmented eye shades that are easy to apply. They are also blendable and buildable. You get a mix of matte and shimmery shades that can be mixed and matched to create different makeup looks.

Versatile & Pigmented

The shades are bright and pigmented with shimmery and matte finishes. You can blend the shades easily and build them up to your liking. Kryolan eye shadow can be used to create all types of makeup looks as they come in multiple shade ranges.

Multiple Finishes

Kryolan eye shadows are available in matte, iridescent, metallic, holographic and satin finishes. They come in pressed powder, loose powder and pigment forms.

Texture & Feel

The texture of these eye shadows is silken smooth making them super blendable. Apply these shades on the eyelids with a brush and use a smudge brush to create a smoky effect.

Dry & Wet Application

Some of the eyeshadows by Kryolan like the cake shadows can be applied dry as well as wet depending on the intensity of pigment you require. Use dry if you like to keep it to medium intensity. Apply with a damp eyeshadow applicator for an intense finish and high colour payoff.

Most of the eyeshadows by Kryolan come with dual-sided applicators and the palettes come in mirrored cases. The design is lightweight and sleek, making travelling easy with them as they can be easily carried along in the luggage.

Price List

Model Price
Kryolan Eye Shadow Matt - Dark Brown Rs. 2,900
Kryolan Eye Shadow Iridescent Cherry G 2.5G Rs. 1,610
Kryolan Eye Shadow Matt – Love Rs. 2,254.23
Kryolan - Eye Shadow Matt Rs. 2,465
Kryolan Eye Shadow Matt - Brown Rs. 2,196
Kryolan Eye Shadow Iridescent Bronze G (5330) Rs. 1,610
Kryolan Eye Shadow Matt – Brown Rs. 1,863
Kryolan Eye Shadow Matt – TV Brown Rs. 2,254.23
Kryolan Eye Shadow Matt – Brown Rs. 2,254.23
Kryolan Eye Shadow Matt – Magenta Rs. 1,863
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