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The best price of Mua Prism Highlighter in Pakistan is Rs. 1,600 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,600.


Makeup Academy more popularly known as MUA made headlines with its range of budget-friendly Prism Highlighters. These come in strobes, pressed powder and compact powder forms and give a holographic glow to the face. The formula is buildable and super blendable. These holographic highlighters pick up light with every move and instantly give youthful radiance to the face. Check MUA Prism Highlighter prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for a complete list of shades.


Texture & Longevity

MUA Prism Highlighters are available in cream strobes, loose powder and pressed powder form. The texture of these highlighters is soft and the product is highly pigmented. The highlighters stay put all day long and give a 3D glow to the face. These highlighters can also be applied on top of lip glosses for a holographic shine. The powder highlighters can be applied to the face and body for a multidimensional glow.

MUA Prism Pressed Powder Highlighters

The pressed powder highlighters come in 5 shades. Starting with the flattest white looking shade in the pan, the Ultra Violet instantly transforms to a holographic purple shade once applied to the face. It has a silver shift that makes the highlighter look gorgeous when applied to the cheekbones or the brow bone.

Rose Tinted is a pigmented shade of pale pink colour with purple highlights. Polarized Green is a mesmerizing subtle shade of green with a sparkly silver shift. Aquatic Shine is an icy blue colour excellent for cooler skin tones. The last in the collection is a peach-toned shade called Solar Flare that would suit most skin tones and complexions.

MUA Prism Loose Highlighters

These come in three shades: Star Illusion, Oceanic Wonder and Emerald Marvel. Oceanic Wonder is a pretty shade of blue that is reflective and picks up light with every move. Star illusion is a lovely tone of champagne pink that would look excellent on fair to medium skin tones while Emerald Marvel is a shade of green that would work for all complexions. The result is a subtle glow with just a hint of colour that looks very natural and beautiful.

MUA Prism Strobe Highlighters

The strobe highlighters are a blendable cream formula that is to be applied prior to the foundation for a glowy dewy look. Mix these highlighters in your foundation to give a luminous glow to the face. You can also apply these strobe creams to the high points of the face after the foundation to bring attention to these areas. MUA Prism Strobe Cream Highlighter in Flash is a silvery-white cream strobe great for an overall glow while the Golden Ray and Sun Haze are pinkish and brownish shades of golden, great for giving a bronzy effect to the skin.

MUA Prism Highlighter Shades

1. Aquatic Shine (pressed powder)

2. Polarised Green (pressed powder)

3. Rose Tinted (pressed powder)

4. Solar Flare (pressed powder)

5. Ultra Violet (pressed powder)

6. Emerald Marvel (loose powder)

7. Oceanic Wonder (loose powder)

8. Star Illusion (loose powder)

9. Sun Haze (strobe cream)

10. Flash (strobe cream)

11. Golden Ray (strobe cream)

Buy MUA Prism Highlighters in strobe, pressed and loose powder form on our website. These are highly affordable and natural-looking formulae that give a beautiful glow to your face and body. 

Price List

Model Price
MUA Highlighter Prism - Rose Tinted - 8g - 505540… Rs. 1,600
MUA Highlighter Prism - Ultra Violet - 8g - 50554… Rs. 1,600
Mua Prism Highlighter - Aquatic Shine Rs. 1,601
MUA Highlighter Prism - Ultra Violet - 8g - 50554… Rs. 1,600
MUA Highlighter Prism - Rose Tinted - 8g - 505540… Rs. 1,600
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