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The best price of Nishat Linen Winter in Pakistan is Rs. 1,374 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,639.


The Nishat Linen winter collection releases 10 to 15 designs in 3-piece and 2-piece eastern suiting in volume 1 and 2. Their fashion aesthetic embodies traditional eastern ethnic motifs and prints. They have over 400 designs in total for the winter season that are in different fabrics such as wool or linen and have pashmina and velvet shawls ranging from casual to semi-formal to wedding wear variety. All the shawls in each collection are 2.5-meters long ideal for draping over and around the body in winter


Woven Winter Collection

The woven shawl is paired with dyed yarn and karandi fabric suit that is ideal for the harsh winter climate of Northern Pakistan. It has embroidery designs in floral motifs used to embellish the neckline, sleeves and daman of the shirt. The collection has incorporated pinstripes, butterflies, checkered patterns, delicately embossed in self motifs in their shawls along with traditional landscape and textile prints in geometric patterns influenced by old traditional handicraft regional designs to decorate the shirts.

The colours are a subtle range of greys, dark tones and pastels. There are some statement embroidered shirts that have the front and back panel covered in complimenting threadwork matching the woven shawl. There are contrasting colour compositions that allow the shawls to be worn separately with other shirts or as a stand-alone statement piece potentially pairable with a shirt and jeans.

Printed Mix Wool Winter Collection

The 3-piece suit design has karandi fabric shirt and shalwar suit paired with a printed mixed wool shawl that has a running repeated motif influenced by quilted textile motifs. Elegant and classic in their wide and 2.5-meter long length, they are heavily printed with many different graphic elements. These motifs look like digital embroideries that are multi-coloured and spread all over the shawl. The shirt and shalwar are kept simple with a solid base colour and single coloured embroidery that complements the printed woollen shawl.

Printed Pashmina Winter Collection

The ethereal 3-piece traditional suiting for women is considered the ultimate festive wear in the country. The luxurious pashmina has levels of quality from the handwoven super expensive pieces sold exclusively by master artisans to more mainstream readily available versions of the classic design sold in combination with karandi suits. The printed pashmina by Nishat Linen takes the soft to touch fabric and pairs it with fine digital printing that elevates the overall design of the 3-piece suit. The perfectly matched shawl uses contrasting heavily printed motifs to complement the running more spread out motif on the shirt and sleeves. These shawls have heavily decorated panels and borders that drape over the body creating structure and volume to the shirt design. Floral bunches of different flowers and vines, large and intricate paisleys, bold geometric shapes in combination with floral motifs are used to create these complex tapestries of designs.

Printed Linen Winter Collection

Lightweight and easy to carry these 2.5-meter linen shawls have various colour compositions in dark to neon colours with large borders to give structure to the design. The fun running lines and textile motifs range from large to small which add flair and drama to the 2-piece suit. These prints look like intricate threadwork in multicoloured motifs from afar. Their handcrafted quality is what makes them classic and traditional in design, the shawl is paired with an unstitched fabric of 3 meters with the same design concept.

Printed Silk Wool Winter Collection

There are a total of 10 designs in these sophisticated silk wool shawl suits, that have dark tones, beige, purple and rust that are ideal for the fall season. The lightweight silk-wool shawl is perfect for chilly evenings and fancy dinners. The prints are intricate reflections of threadwork embroideries with Afghanistani motifs made with lines, panels, paisleys and architectural elements.

Embroidered Winter Collection

The luxurious 14 embroidered shawl designs have both options, heavily embellished or lightly decorated threadwork designs. These 3-piece suits are pure in their traditional design philosophy as they embody the classic threadwork concept that highlights embroidery by using a solid base colour for the shirt. The embellishment on the shawl matches the shirt without repeating the same motif entirely. The neckline and front panel have statement embroidered work in silk thread that shines and looks handcrafted. The intricacy of the design and high-quality weaving of the design is flawless.

Luxury Velvet Winter Collection

Velvet fabric is considered to be the fabric of royalty in both the east and west, the warm soft texture of the fabric makes it ideal for winter wedding wear. These statement velvet shawls are great for wedding suits made in breathable lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, organza, silk and cotton net. The velvet shawl is heavily embellished with gold and zarri threadwork with stonework making it standalone wedding wear. Ladies can either create their own shirt and pants with the shawl or buy it on its own to keep themselves warm in their eveningwear wardrobe.

Price List

Model Price
DSW22-35-Printed Embroidered 1PC Rs. 2,750
PW22-93-Printed 1PC Rs. 1,700
PW22-184-Printed Embroidered 1PC Rs. 2,600
PW22-202-Printed 1PC Rs. 1,900
PW22-127-Printed 1PC Rs. 1,900
431672104-Cape Shawl-W22 Rs. 3,950
KPW22-12-Basic 2PC Rs. 3,250
DSW22-37-Printed Embroidered 1PC Rs. 2,750
DSW22-07-Printed Embroidered 1PC Rs. 2,750
PW22-05-Printed Embroidered 1PC Rs. 2,300
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