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From 2007, the Nokia 1208 is a simple mobile that has only the basic features. Mobiles like these have one plus, that their battery lasts a long time making them useful for people who need to make a lot of calls in their day. The price of the Nokia 1208 is from the lower end.

Pros & Cons


  • Long-lasting battery


  • Very basic features


The Nokia 1208

An older simple model from Nokia, the 1208 is a basic mobile that does not have any connectivity aside from calls and SMSes. The Nokia 1208 does not even have a basic VGA camera that some of the phones from that year had.

It was released in 2007 and has a 1.5 inch screen based on CSTN with 65K colours. There is 4MB of internal memory that can hold 200 contacts, 20 dialled, 20 received and 20 missed calls. It has a 2.5mm audio jack that one can connect their hands-free too which comes with the mobile. There is a torch that can be useful in certain situations. Overall a very light and compact mobile, making it easy to carry around.

The Nokia 1208 is a mobile that works great for just calls. The long talk time makes it a useful secondary mobile for just this purpose. People who have a lot of coordination to take care of keep it as their secondary mobile so their battery doesn't run out.

This is a discontinued model, so the ones available in the market are the only ones out there. Nokia launched the 1208 in black. The price is nominal, making it a very accessible mobile today.

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