Non Stick Cookware Set Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Non Stick Cookware Set in Pakistan is Rs. 10,650 and estimated average price is Rs. 26,690.


The pots, pans, or dishes used in cooking food on a stovetop, range cooktop or microwave are collectively called cookware or kitchenware. The nonstick variety is highly sought after for its easy to clean non binding surface that prevents the food from sticking to it. Good quality non-stick frying pans with glass lid, saucepans, grill pans, tawa, pressure cookers, wok etc are available online at our website along with complete sets. Check out non stick cookware set prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information on the best brands you can buy.


Basic Non-Stick Cookware Set

In a basic 6 piece nonstick pan set, you get multiple sized large and small frying pan, saucepans, wok and tawa. Or a set may include 6 saucepans or pots of varying sizes etc. While you can get cookware sets, you can also buy individual non-stick pots and pans if you don't require an entire set. Following are the best options in Pakistan for nonstick pots and pans or cookware sets.

1. Sonex Non-Stick Cookware Set

Sonex cookware is amongst the best and most sought after in Pakistan. The affordable homegrown brand has been manufacturing great quality cookware since 1960. Sonex cookware price in Pakistan varies depending on the set, size and material but they are mostly in the affordable range. You can also search for high-quality dinner sets/dinnerware, bakeware and tea trolleys on our website and find a plethora of tasteful designs and options.

2. Majestic Chef Non-Stick Set

Another homegrown brand in Pakistan that is known for selling a wide range of cookware and bakeware that is also pretty affordable. You can buy nonstick karahi (wok), frying pan, pizza pan, saucepan, grill pan from Majestic Chef at the best prices in Pakistan from our page.

3. Prestige Nonstick Set

An Indian cookware company selling in Pakistan for decades, Prestige is now a household name in the country. Prestige nonstick pots and pans are considered amongst the top-quality utensils and are also chemical and toxin-free.

Tips & Comments

Whichever brand you choose, make sure to go for the non-toxic variety that does not contain a toxic chemical called Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA that is a suspected carcinogen. Though initially, the Teflon coated nonstick pans contained PFOA, they have been free of the chemical since 2013.

Today, most Teflon nonstick cookware is safe to as long as you don’t cook at very high temperatures. Try buying nonstick pots and pans with a silicon-based coating called Thermolon. It is a safe material, is scratch-resistant and doesn’t release toxins into your food, even if the pan is accidentally overheated.

Remember never to use metal implements to toss the food on a nonstick pan as it can scratch the surface and make it flake.

Price List

Model Price
Chef Non Stick Marble Coating Tapper Series Gift … Rs. 28,999
Non Stick Cookware Set - 15 Pcs - Grey & Black Rs. 10,999
KLASSIC Crescent Series Blosom Gift Set 18 Pieces… Rs. 26,950
SK Cookware 21 Pieces Non-Stick Delux Gift Pack S… Rs. 16,500
AR Non-Stick Gift Pack – Cookware Set (19 Pcs) Rs. 12,999
Chef Non Stick Marble Coating Tapper Series Gift … Rs. 28,999
KLASSIC Crescent Series Blosom Gift Set 18 Pieces… Rs. 30,800
Winsor 8-Piece Non-Stick Cookware Set WR6031 Rs. 17,290
Sonex Italia Die Cast Non-Stick Cookware Sat 20 P… Rs. 23,023
Kitchen King Imperial Non-Stick Cookware Set 9 Pcs Rs. 12,708
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