Nuk Junior Cup Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nuk Junior Cup in Pakistan is Rs. 1,640 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,845.


The Nuk Junior Cup is a sturdy drinking cup for active children at the age of 3 and above. With an easy open and close function, this cup is also leak-proof when closed.


Nuk Junior Cups are great for children to have their water or juice from. The design makes sure the liquid does not spill when the cup is being carried in a bag or clipped to the kid.

The pull-push spout is leakproof, so once it is pushed in the liquid can not leak out and a cap on top is a double check for this. The same cap also makes sure that the spout stays clean. The Nuk Junior Cups are very light and sturdy, so they can take the handling of an active child. There is also a clip, this lets one attach the Nuk Junior Cup to their waist or clip it to a bag as well, making it easy to carry.

Suitable for children who are 3 and above, the Nuk Junior Cup is also made BPA-free. There are a lot of different colours and signs one can get with the Nuk Junior Cup, letting one choose something their child would like.

Price List

Model Price
Nuk First Choice Junior Cup 300ml, 10751081 Rs. 2,050
NUK Junior Cup Rs. 1,640
Nuk Junior Cup (color may vary) Rs. 1,845
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