Orient Dc Inverter Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Orient Dc Inverter in Pakistan is Rs. 59,994 and estimated average price is Rs. 117,167.


DC inverters by Orient are a line of advanced ACs that consume less energy and save your electricity bill. It is one of the competitively priced brands that makes its products accessible to all segments of society. Check out Orient DC inverter prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Orient is a Pakistani brand known for manufacturing DC inverters, ACs, LEDs, refrigerators, microwave, water dispenser, washing machines etc. 


Orient DC inverters feature beautiful mirror panels and elegant designs. The ACs go well with every setting and can enhance the look of your house or office. You can choose from white and black colours and some series also offer silver and other metallic colours.

Energy Saving & Tonnage

You can buy Orient inverters in 1, 1.5 and 2 ton capacity, whichever suits your requirement and budget. The inverters can reduce your electricity bills by up to 50% as it draws minimum energy and also works on low voltage. 

Efficient Cooling & Eco-friendly

The ACs feature advanced Supreme DC Inverter technology that deliver fast and efficient cooling performance under all weather conditions. All inverters by Orient are equipped with eco-friendly R410A refrigerants that keep the environment clean and safe, providing optimum and quick cooling. The eco-friendly refrigerant is paired with the cooling fins that in combination are capable of handling humidity and heat more efficiently. 

WIFI Connectivity

You can control your Orient Inverter through your smartphone and smart devices. All you need to do is download Orient's app on your smart devices and establish a connection with the AC. This way you can operate the AC even if you are not in the house. This functionality enables you to turn your AC on way before entering the house so that the room is cool and pleasant when you reach home. 

Orient Dc Inverter Ultron Series

1. Super

2. Mega

3. Divine

4. Hyper

5. Royal

6. Classic

7. Bold

Orient Dc Inverter Planet Series

1. Atlantic

2. Venus

3. Orbit

4. Supreme

5. Jupiter

With the fast-changing trends, people are shifting to DC inverters rather than the conventional split ACs. This enables them to save on their electricity bills and also manage a better and clean environment due to the inverter's eco friendly nature. You can find all inverters in every series on our page and buy from our trusted sellers.

Price List

Model Price
Orient Ultron Lunar 12G 1.0 Ton DC Inverter AC Rs. 97,100
Orient Ultron Lunar 18G 1.5 Ton DC Inverter AC Rs. 128,400
Orient Ultron Gold Fin DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton W… Rs. 157,499
Orient Jupiter 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Gold Fin -18G Rs. 112,000
Orient DC Inverter Ultron Mega 12G T3 1-Ton, Heat… Rs. 115,000
Orient Ultron DC Inverter Air Conditioner 1.0 Ton… Rs. 108,299
Orient 1.5 Ton Jupiter DC Inverter Rs. 83,160
Orient 1 Ton Divine DC Inverter(12000 BTU) Rs. 109,000
Orient Atlantic DC Inverter Split Air Conditioner… Rs. 97,350
Orient Ultron DC Inverter Air Conditioner 1.0 Ton… Rs. 124,938
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