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Mothers who are feeding regularly can use the Pigeon Nursing Pads to reduce the soreness, helping with the abrasion caused by breastfeeding. These pads also have aloe vera extracts that aid a lot more than plain pads.


Pigeon Nursing Pads are designed to be comfortable and help the skin recover faster.

Mothers who are breastfeeding can have very sore skin and the Pigeon Nursing Pads are made for them. The pads have aloe vera extracts for added moisturization that makes the recovery process faster.

The adhesive on the Pigeon Nursing Pads is improved so the pads stay in place with ease under your clothing. With the ability to absorb 20 times their weight, the Pigeon Nursing Pads are good leak-proof coverage that is also breathable.

The Pigeon Nursing Pads can be used daily to help with making sure the skin is not super sensitive and you are comfortable.

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