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The British Combat Sports brand, RDX Sports was created in 1999. Despite the limited range of MMA and boxing gear, the brand became increasingly popular. Today RDX is a global leaderĀ in excellent quality sports and fitnessĀ gear. The brand's sports products are considered durable and are used by amateurs and professionals alike. Check products and prices by RDX sports goods in Pakistan and read on for detailed information on the brand's product line.


RDX Sports Product Line

The brand has a range of durable and high-quality accessories for boxing, MMA, fitness and yoga. RDX also offers sports clothing and equipment for coaching, sports and home gym. Here are some f the best sellers by the brand.

RDX Boxing Accessories

This range includes Competition Gloves, Sparring Gloves, Training gloves, Kids Boxing Gloves, Bag Gloves, Boxing Gloves and Pads.

RDX MMA Accessories

MMA range has different collections for Gloves and Punchbags. Choose from Fight gloves, Sparring gloves, Training Gloves and Kids Grappling Gloves. MMA punch bags range features Freestanding Punch Bags, Angle and Uppercut Bags, Maize Bags, MMA Training and Punching Bags, MMA Punching Bags and Mitts Sets and Kids MMA Bags.

RDX Coaching & Strength Training Equipment

Choose from a variety of Focus Mitts, Kicking Shields, Thai Pads, Chest Guard and Fitness Accessories. It includes Strength Training Equipment such as Pull up bars, Jump Ropes, Leg Stretchers, Fitness Bags, Medicine Balls, Weighted Vests and Kettlebell.

RDX Weightlifting Belts & Gear

It is important to wear appropriate gear and a belt while weightlifting to avoid putting strain on the back and abdominal muscles. The weightlifting belts include Leather Belts, Training Belts, Dipping Belts and Powerlifting Belts. Choose WeightLifting Grips and Straps, Arm Blaster, AB Strap & Triceps Rope and Head Harness from the WeightLifting Gear.

RDX NeoPrene Support

Muscles and joints can strain during an intense workout. So it is important to invest in NeoPrene support if you will be working out at the gym. Choose from Ankle Support, Elbow Support, Knee Support, Wrist Support and Shin and Calf Support to avoid straining and hurting your body.

RDX Gym Essentials

Sauna Suits, Tracksuits, Compression Wear and Equipment Bags are all basic essentials one can't do without at the gym. RDX Sports is the global leader in manufacturing sports and gym essentials.

RDX Stability & Mobility

For stability and mobility, one can choose from Balance Boards, Ab Rollers, Bands, Tubes as well as Aerobic Step. 

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