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The best price of Royal Tag Sale in Pakistan is Rs. 975 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,813.


A label that caters to male fashion needs, Royal Tag has a complete catalogue with suits, various shirts, different kinds of trousers and some eastern wear as well. The pricing of this brand is competitive and with the sales, one gets great value for their money. These sales generally are at the 25% mark, which helps save more on one's shopping.


Royal Tag

Quite a few local brands have come up which are tailoring western clothes for men along the new style trends. This segment includes Royal Tag, a brand which is a complete wardrobe solution. The market appreciates these kinds of brands for their modern styles and also good fabric quality, something Pakistan is generally known for; making it easier to source material.

Royal Tag even has some eastern options for their customers.

The Royal Tag catalogue

he western wear has a focus on suiting, furnishing quite a range of options to choose from. There are plenty of colour and pattern choices. One can also pick between three-piece or two-piece suits. The style profile is slim; similar to most of the major fashion brands. There are also blazers for a semi-casual look and can even be worn with shalwar kameez.

To go with one's suit, Royal Tag has many formal shirts. These have cut-away collars for a more sleek look that also frames the tie a lot better. The fitting is optional as well, with slim or regular being the two variations. The brand also has a lot of semi-casual shirts these have different collars. Aside from this one can find t-shirts and polo shirts too. These casual shirts have more options especially as far as colours and patterns go.

The trousers from Royal Tag include chinos, dress pants and jeans. Chinos work well for casual or semi-casual wear, these are made without the middle crease. The dress pants, on the other hand, have the crease running down the centre. There is a good mix range of colours one can choose from with the cut generally being slim, with a tapered feel.

For the eastern wear segment, the brand has waistcoats, shalwar kameez and kurtas. Also one can find plain white cotton pants which people often wear with a kurta. The shalwar kameez either have a pointed collar similar to the western shirts or have band collars; giving customers the option to choose whichever style they like. For kurtas there are more funky options as well as these are worn at mehndis, which are colourful events.


The design profile is relevant to the current fashion trends and the materials Royal Tag uses are of good quality. A lot of the fabric is cotton as that is a readily available material in Pakistan and is some of the best internationally.

Pricing and sales at Royal Tag

As a brand, Royal Tag is competitively priced, which makes their items affordable as these prices fall at the mid-range or a little lower. They take this a step further by adding on sales, these are generally within the 25% marker and some are also at the 30% line. This helps people to buy their items more easily if they are trying to save on their shopping.

Price List

Model Price
Polo Shirt RA20202-WT Rs. 1,325
WAIST COAT WC5307-PUR Rs. 3,625
Slim Fit JEAN LZ1311-BL Rs. 2,695
Yellow Polo Shirt HR102-YEL Rs. 1,325
RT Suit W.Coat MWC-03 Rs. 2,310
RT KURTA KT21506-1 Rs. 1,925
RT SLIM FIT LN SFL20702-1 Rs. 1,925
Light Blue Polo Shirt HR103-LBL Rs. 1,325
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