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The best price of Shalis in Pakistan is Rs. 249 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,672.


Remmy Marquis has been in the market for over a decade and is releasing new fragrances every year since 2009. It is a French perfume house that offers various scents in tropical and oriental tones.


The perfume and cologne bottles are fashionable while being reasonably priced. It is a mid-range design house that has 16 fragrances for both men and women that are budget-friendly and affordable currently available online in Pakistan. In its entire perfume collection, the most popular fragrance is called Shalis. 

Aromatic Notes of Shalis for Women

Shalis for women fragrance is evocative of a perfect spring garden, as soon as you spray it on visuals of floral and fruit orchards will come to mind. Top notes used in a fragrance are the ingredients that are immediately recognisable upon application. One of the top notes of the Shalis for women is the cyclamen flower found in Europe and the Mediterranean near Iran.

The other top note is lavender, a flower belonging to the mint family of plant species. These top notes quickly evaporate but leave a lasting impression of the fragrance. After a few hours once the top notes have evaporated the middle notes or heart notes emerge from the perfume. The Shalis for women has magnolia, rose and peony in their heart notes that stay with you mixing in with your skin perfectly.

The middle notes of the Shalid for women are in harmony with the base notes that are patchouli, amber and musk. These base notes are the most essential part of the perfume combination. Their rich and dense texture stay with you throughout the day leaving you smelling fresh and fabulous.  

Aromatic Notes of Shalis for Men

The Shalis for men is considered an Aromatic Fougere meaning it has rustic accents with minty tones for freshness. The top notes of the Shalis cologne are all fruit-based including grapefruit, tangerine orange and apple.

The middle or heart notes feel fresher and long-lasting as they are a combination of lavender and basil. The base notes of the Shalid for men have heavy aftershave tones of nutmeg, oakmoss and sandalwood, ensuring men feel confident and fresh throughout the day. 

Price List

Model Price
Shalis Men Rs. 510
Shalis Men Rs. 510
Shalis Men Rs. 510
Remy Marquis Shalis Eau De Parfum For Women 100ml Rs. 2,999
Jafri's Store Shalis EDT Perfume For Woman 60ml Rs. 2,449
Shalis Edt Man 100ml - Remy Marquis Rs. 800
Hemani Herbals - Pack Of 3 Attars Oud Zahra,Roman… Rs. 383
Shalis Body Spray Deodorant for Boys Men And Wom… Rs. 375
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