Shower Curtains Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Shower Curtains in Pakistan is Rs. 1,246 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,617.


A simple shower curtain can save your bathroom floor from getting wet each time someone showers. One can find many different designs so it is easy to choose something that fits your bathroom. Shower curtains are available for many different prices depending on where it was made and by which brand. It can be from a cheaper price point all the way to the higher side.


Shower Curtains

A lot of showers and bathtubs are not built into an enclosed space, so whenever one showers the water makes a mess everywhere. The simple solution for this is a shower curtain. These can be installed similar to regular curtains, on a rod with rings allowing it to slide freely. This makes sure that the water rolls down the inside of the curtain and stays within the shower area.

Shower curtains can be found in many different designs. They are almost always made from plastic as that helps the water roll down. There are versions that are transparent or translucent, while some have a pattern and colour that is opaque. The clear and translucent ones allow light to pass through, which gives the shower area a more open feel in comparison to the opaque ones.

All the options have various lengths and heights, one can choose the correct one depending on their shower and bathroom.


This is one of those products that are produced by many brands all over the world, which is why one can find shower curtains in many different price ranges. Which one you choose depends on the budget you have in mind. Generally, this a relatively inexpensive product as it is a simple sheet of plastic. The rod for installation might not be a part of the package, so please keep that in mind.

Price List

Model Price
Bathroom Curtains Blue Foam Prints Polyester Bath… Rs. 3,973
Waterproof Shower Curtain With 12 Rings For Bathr… Rs. 1,695
Waterproof Shower Curtain With 12 Rings For Bathr… Rs. 1,695
IKEA Shower Curtain - White - Water Repellent Rs. 1,349
Bathroom curtains Waterproof Shower Curtain With … Rs. 1,699
Curtain Clip Rs. 2,450
Premier Home Meadow Design Shower Curtain (160521… Rs. 2,078
Polyester Shower Curtain Rs. 2,750
Blue Shower Curtain Rs. 5,250
Solid Charcoal Striped Shower Curtain Rs. 1,499
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