Space Headphones Sl600 Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Space Headphones Sl600 in Pakistan is Rs. 3,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,348.


A brand of local origin, SPACE has a few different products. This also includes headphones such as the Space Sl600 headphones. This model is also known as the Solo+ and is a wireless device that is made along the on-ear design. It has multiple modes such as FM Radio, SD card playback and connectivity to a smartphone. The price is in an affordable range, making it accessible.


A brand from Pakistan, SPACE makes a range of accessories. These include cables, power banks, chargers, speakers and headphones. The Space SL600, also known as the Solo+ is a wireless kind of headphone that has multiple ways to play media.

SPACE Solo+ SL600 headphones

A wireless headphone makes it very convenient to listen to one's entertainment. These headphones even make it easy to work out or go running free of any wires in the way. The SPACE SL600 headphones even have a built-in mic so one can answer their calls while having their hands free. The sound is powered by 40mm audio drivers, which is a good size to produce enough of a kick.

The earcups have controls on them so one can change songs or play and pause. There are also multiple modes of media connection, including FM Radio, microSD card, wireless and it can connect via a wire as well. This wire option makes the headphones easy to connect to many devices that still do not feature Bluetooth.

In design, these headphones are simple and also fold up a bit so they are easier to carry in a bag or store in a drawer. The design also allows for the headband size to be adjusted, making them a more snug fit for everyone.

Charging is done via a USB cable, the SL600 headphones have a miniUSB port on them. The charging time is at 2 to 3 hours, with operating time at 13 hours roughly.


Overall these are decent headphones, but the very affordable price means they are built to price.


Driver 40mm
Impedance 32 Ohms
Battery 250mAh
Range 10 meters
Charge time 2-3 hours
Operating time 13 hours
Memory card microSD

Price List

Model Price
SPACE SL-600 Solo+ Wireless ON-Ear Headphone Rs. 3,580
SPACE SL-600 Solo+ Wireless ON-Ear Headphone Rs. 3,580
Space SL 600 Wireless On Ear Headphones Bluetooth Rs. 3,000
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