Swimming Pool Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Swimming Pool in Pakistan is Rs. 21,790 and estimated average price is Rs. 86,131.


A swimming pool that can be bought and set up outside in the lawn or on your room. A simpler way to have a pool at home to hang out in. There are various sizes and types, one can choose based on what they want and their budget as well. The swimming pools with a frame that can handle more people are costly.


Swimming Pool

The swimming pool one can purchase for the home and set up include a few different versions. These are above ground swimming pools that are generally a smaller size, but enough to have from three to ten people in them.

Overground swimming pools are either the inflatable kind, which are not very deep and are more often used by kids. The sizes for these start at a tiny kiddie pool to a larger roughly eight-foot long pool. Ahead of these, there are the snap set pools. This comes out of the box and snaps into place and is also for a younger age group with its six-foot diameter.

The larger pools that go overground are the ones with a frame. These are the ones that have a depth at about four feet and are large enough to have a couple of people inside them. The sizes vary, as do the shapes. One can find a large circular one as well as a rectangle-shaped one that is longer overall. Some of the more costly ones also come with a small filtration system so one does not have mould growing in their pool and water. This system can also regulate the amount of chlorine, so on is all set once they set up.

Safety concerns

Kids should not be in or near the pool unattended under any circumstances. There are many cases of unsupervised kids getting hurt or worse, drowning.

A shower after swimming is recommended.


Swimming pools are relatively expensive unless one is referring to the kiddie pool which can be bought for cheaper. The large overground pools are expensive and need a decent amount of space to be set up. This is, of course, a quick fix to have a pool, it would be tough to do laps inside one of these pools though. These are more for just chilling and cooling off in the summer with a bit of a splash.

One of the known and common brands that one can get their swimming pool from is Intex.

Price List

Model Price
Prism Frame Pool 10ft x 30inches ( 305 cm X 76 cm… Rs. 39,500
INTEX Prism Frame Pool ( 12' x 30" ) Rs. 35,500
Bestway Fast Set Inflatable Pool Set Round Ring A… Rs. 39,244
Bestway – 56406 Steel Pro Round Swimming Pool 10 … Rs. 29,531
INTEX 10ft X 30in Round Metal Frame Pool ( 305 cm… Rs. 41,000
INTEX Beachside Metal Frame Round Above Ground Po… Rs. 42,500
Intex Swimming Pool Intex Rs. 21,790
INTEX ( 12' x 39" ) Prism Frame Pool With Water F… Rs. 97,500
Intex Metal Frame Swimming Pool - Blue Rs. 64,300
Bestway - Fast Set Inflatable Round Ground Swimmi… Rs. 34,200
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