Unilever Water Purifier Price in Pakistan

Compare 6 prices from 3 stores. The best price of Unilever Water Purifier in Pakistan is Rs. 6,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 21,110.33.


Clean drinking water is important for good health and also to avoid disease. The Unilever Water Purifier can help you with its 5 stage filtration process, giving you clean water to consume.


Uniliver Water Purifiers have a few different options, with the major difference being size. Using 5 stage filtration this water purifier cleans water up for consumption. The sizes vary between 23 litres total and 12 litres. The filtered water is stored separately so one has that whenever needed and the main tank filters as you use the filtered water.

The Unilever Water Purifiers require no electricity or gas to operate, making them a lot more convenient to use in your home or office or getaway spot.

A relatively inexpensive Unilever Water Purifiers are great to have as clean water is important for the health, especially to avoid water-borne diseases of which there can be many.

Price List

Model Price
Unilever Water Purifier Intella 5 Liter Pure It Rs. 6,000
West Point Water Purifier Wf-714 Rs. 6,300
Aqua Water Filter AQ200 Rs. 7,800
Unilever Water Purifire Excella 9 Rs. 9,000
Unilever Water Purifier Excella 9 Liter Pure It Rs. 9,000
Tianshi Ultrafiltration Water Purifier Rs. 88,562
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Compare 6 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 6000 - Rs. 88562