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The washing powder formula is designed with enzymes that rapidly remove stains from your dirty laundry clothes leaving them clean and fresh. The laundry detergent available online has a wide variety of sizes from small 40g packets to larger family size 3 kg bags.

Pros & Cons


  • A fragrance to return clothes to a fresh state

  • Antibacterial¬†agents to remove all toxins and dirt

  • Uses less rinse water

  • Low-temperature washing provides great result

  • Available in a variety of sizes

  • Washing machine powders, liquids and gels


  • Does not suit sensitive skin types


Whites & Coloured Clothing

The strong cleansing agents added to the washing powder break down rough and tough deeply absorbed molecules of dirt and food from the clothes using bleaching whitening additives that restore the brightness of whites and coloured clothing. Washing powders are also called handwashing powders as they are simply added to a warm bucket of water in households and clothes are soaked for 15 to 30 minutes before scrubbing off stains. The optimised formulas available in washing powders designed for coloured clothes ensures they do not fade or damage the dyes leaving clothes fresh and bright. The entire households linen and towels can be washed with the same formula used for clothes in the washing machine or by hand. 

The liquid detergent is more expensive than washing powder as they do not include bleaching which is gentler on clothes and prevent the build-up of residue in washing machines. Softeners are usually added to laundry to make clothes softer as washing powder can cause fabrics to become rough over time.  


The main ingredients to create washing powders are Surfactants that effectively remove oil and grease from clothes as they quickly dissolve in water becoming a strong cleansing agent. The fast-acting foam produced from washing powders is essential in breaking down stains and dirt from the surface of the clothes. Along with enzymes, bleaching agents there are strong on lasting fragrance added to the final formula that leaves the clothes smelling brand new. These fragrances are inspired by flowers, herbal plants and anti-bacterial cleansers that provide comfort and relaxation to the body. 

Price List

Model Price
Brite Antibacterial Washing Powder (500gm) Rs. 130
Brite Machine Wash Washing Powder (500gm) Rs. 150
Vim Dish Washing Powder, With Lemon, Bag, 900g Rs. 150
Sun Light 2-in-1 Clean & Jasmine Fresh Washing Po… Rs. 199
Brite Antibacterial Washing Powder (1kg) Rs. 270
Brite Machine Wash Washing Powder (1kg) Rs. 280
Surf Excel Washing Powder, 500g Rs. 299
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Compare 28 prices from 9 stores.

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