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A quick way to convert your TV into a Smart TV. Also a lot more cheap than buying a new Smart TV, the X96 android boxes are relatively low-cost upgrades. The Android platform allows you to install apps like Netflix and Hulu or games from the Google Play Store. It is available for a lower-end price.


What is an Android box

An open-source software Android is used by many devices to power their platforms. Android-powered TV boxes are small media centres that allow you to play games and watch movies or shows on your TV.  Essentially converting any TV into a Smart TV, one could also use them to surf the web directly on the TV. Apps can be installed from the Google Play Store similar to a smartphone. The boxes are available in many different sizes and shapes, each brand has a unique design and possibly a variation of colours as well. The functionality provided by Android boxes is similar to what the Google Chrome range does.

The X96 Android boxes 

The brand ahs a few Android boxes, one of the more successful ones is the X96 Mini. Based on Android 7.1.2 OS the X96 Android Mini box runs smooth and runs built in apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Skype and more. Users can also download more apps, these are in the 100s and include games as well. The setting up process is simple, it is a plug & play solution. A small scale device that packs a punch, it takes up a little bit of space but the functionality it adds is a lot.

The X96 Mini Android box has 2GB of DDR3 RAM and has a 16GB EMMC hard drive, this makes it work smooth and handle apps, streaming and other tasks easily; especially when combined with the 2GHz quad-core processor. The image quality is high with a max of 4K compatibility, though this naturally depends on the TV one has.

There are also other ports such as ethernet to connect directly to one's router instead of a wireless connection. There are 2 USB slots to add on more storage space or play/view files from a USB drive or an external hard drive. Also with an option for a MicroSD card that can be up to 64GB, this is another way to access files.

The other Android boxes from X96 have a similar spec range and similar features as well.


The X96 Andoird box variety is available for a lower-end price, it adds a lot of functionality to one's TV for the price it is.

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