Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger in Pakistan is Rs. 2,650 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,570.


One of the largest mobile phone producers in the world, Xiaomi also has a lot of other products. This includes charges of various kinds, with wireless chargers also featured. These are super convenient, although currently are slower than conventional wired charging. The prices vary but Xiaomi Mi wireless chargers are generally affordable. There is also a version for cars.


A leading brand in the smartphone market, Xiaomi also produces a host of accessories for the digital lifestyle. This includes wireless chargers, which make life a lot more convenient as charging is as simple as just putting your phone down. All the chargers adhere to the Qi certification which means any device that is in line with this standard can be charged using these chargers. One can charge within a distance of 4mm, this allows for phone cases to stay on.

Other features

There are various wattages one can choose, the higher the rating the faster the Xiaomi Mi wireless charger can provide power to your smartphone. The wattage ranges from 10W to 70W.

The shapes of these charges vary, some are circular pads that one keeps their devices on, others are like a stand against which one can place their devices. There is one design that comes with multiple USB ports built-in as well so one attach multiple devices in case there are more people who need the charger. Overall, the designs are simple, keeping in line with the minimalist feel we see with most electronic products today. This also makes them all about their function.

The more powerful wireless chargers have silent fans inside to keep them and your devices cool.

If one needs a wireless charger for their car, Xiaomi Mi also has such versions, they have small arms so the smartphone can be held in place while you are driving.

Safety features

To make sure the charger and your devices are safe, these wireless chargers have safety features to keep everything protected. These features can include overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, static protection and undervoltage protection. These ensure that the charger and device do not get damaged in case of any issues.


Xiaomi Mi wireless chargers have small LED light indicators for you to be able to tell what the status of charging is. The price of these wireless chargers from Xiaomi Mi is all in an affordable range. One does have to make sure their device is also Qi Certified for it to work with these chargers.

Price List

Model Price
Mi Wireless Car Charger (20W) Rs. 7,499
Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger Rs. 8,499
Xiaomi Mi Essential 10000 mAh Wireless Power Bank Rs. 3,699
Xiaomi Wireless Fast Charger Rs. 2,650
Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Charging Stand Rs. 5,900
Mi Wireless Charging Stand 20W Rs. 3,999
Mi Wireless Power Bank Lite 10000Mah Rs. 3,300
Mi Wireless Charging Power Bank (10000mAh) Rs. 5,700
Mi 20w Wireless Car Charger Rs. 7,000
Mi Wireless Car Charger 20W Rs. 5,999
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