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The best price of 128Gb Usb in Pakistan is Rs. 8,799 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,799.


128GBs of space is a relatively decent size to have on one in the form of a small USB stick or thumb drive. It is useful to transfer files quickly or to carry any around that you may need regularly. A lot of the memory product brands produce 128GB USBs. This size of a USB would be in the affordable price range.


The convenience of a USB

For a decent amount of information to be moved or carried on one, a 128GB USB would be ample. This does depend on the kind of files one works with as some formats are larger versus others. USBs are fast because they are based on Flash Memory which uses electronic circuits instead of moving parts.

Having your work on a USB stick means you could work on different machines if you were mobile. To give you an idea, on average a USB of this size could hold a couple of thousand songs on it.

Things to know about a USB

All USBs have a read and write cycle number, after which the USB shall become unusable. This max cycle number is in the thousands so one gets their investment back.

When connecting a USB it is better to open it from the explorer window instead of using the Autorun option as that can help viruses load-up as well.

Other uses and possible features

Bootable programs can also be put onto your 128GB USB or a software to run diagnostics on systems.

Certain models also have password protection making them safer to use for sensitive data. Some even have a fingerprint reader that keeps your data locked till it reads your imprint.


128GB USBs are available at different transfer rate standards. This ranges from USB 1.0 to USB 4.0, the higher the number, the faster the transfer rate.

Among the known brands producing 128GB USBs one can find Seagate, Sony, HP, Kingston, SanDisk and more. This size of a USB is available at an affordable price.

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Transcend Jetflash 920 USB 3.2 128GB USB Flash Dr… Rs. 8,799
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