5 Best Gaming Headphones

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Compare 565 prices from 34 stores.

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Best Features - Razer Blackshark V2 Pro

Razer leads the pack with quite a few categories when it comes to gaming. Their Blackshark V2 Pro has a mix of the three most important aspects when it comes to gaming headphones; spatial audio, noise-cancelling and communication clarity. This headset has premium quality sound and build as well. With titanium 50mm drivers, Hyperspeed wireless for low latency and the Hyperclear super-cardioid mic which is also detachable. The drivers are a large size and deliver that punch one needs with good audio. The Blackshark V2 Pro is also a comfortable device with memory foam earcups. As with most devices from Razer, these headphones are also from a slightly costly price point.

Best Comfort - HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX has had some of the top contenders in best picks. Their Cloud Stinger is an edgy design along their usual theme and is super comfortable. The sturdy but light frames and faux-leather earcups make it easy for one to wear for their extended gaming. The audio is good quality but at higher volumes can crack some. This is a wired headset from a mid-range as far as price goes. Some of the cost is saved by the fact that this is not a wireless model.

Best High-End - Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

One of the favourite options for wireless headphones, the Astro Gaming A50 headset is a solid build with a futuristic design. This headset comes with a cradle which it uses to charge and also the cradle is able to connect with various devices; the back has multiple ports on it. With a battery that gives you up to 15 hours of hearing time. The boom-mic is very good with the voice quality and goes on auto-mute if it is flipped up. There is also built-in MixAmp technology that lets one choose the optimised levels for voice and game sounds. This device comes with the Astro Command Centre app that lets you change up the EQ profiles which you can switch from a button on the earcup. The A50 features Dolby Surround sound, adding a much-needed layer of spatial audio to one's gaming. This pair of headphones is from a premium price range.

Most Affordable - Razer Kraken X

For a choice that is a great balance with quality and affordability, the Razer Kraken X wins out. It houses some of the best techs in this sector and the Razer product quality. Built with 40mm drivers and Neodymium magnets, it features 7.1 surround sound so you also have a full sonic space to hear all your gaming sounds in an environment that you feel a part of. The design is understated but it is functionally sounds, providing the much-saught after comfort that one needs for extended usage. The mic is fixed and cannot be detached, this may bother some but at this price and the quality of sound delivered by the Kraken X, this is a small concern.

Best Overall - Steelseries Arctis 9X

A versatile headset that can also be used along with your mobile devices as it has Bluetooth, the Steelseries Arctis 9X is a simple but solid pair. This headset incorporates DTS Headphones:X which creates a full sonic space so one can have a truly immersive experience. The sound quality is high with the 40mm drivers and Neodymium magnets. The mic is retractable so if you just want to use them to listen to music the mic is not in your way. With 20 hours of battery, this pair also lets you charge while you use them. The headband is based on ski goggles and helps keep the weight to a minimum so you don't feel worn out after extended usage. This pair is a good balance between features and pricing; a great value choice.

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The best price of 5 Best Gaming Headphones in Pakistan is Rs. 2,650 and the estimated average price is Rs. 12,767.

Price List

Model Price
Gaming Headset With Noise-cancellation | Wire Lum… Rs. 3,799
FASTER Blubolt BG-300 Surrounding Sound Gaming He… Rs. 6,199
FASTER Blubolt BG-200 Surrounding Sound Gaming He… Rs. 5,499
Havit HV-H2168D Gaming Headphone Rs. 4,200
Redragon Scylla H901 Gaming Headphone Rs. 5,199
Redragon Ares H120 Gaming Headphone Rs. 3,799
JBL Quantum 200 Gaming Headphone Rs. 14,999
JBL Quantum 600 Gaming Headphone Rs. 33,999
SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headphone-Black Rs. 19,000