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The best price of Gaming Desktop Pc in Pakistan is Rs. 22,799 and estimated average price is Rs. 82,938.


A powerful machine is needed for gaming, which is why gaming desktop PCs are made with high-end components. These components make for the smooth running of the heavy games coming out regularly. Given the quality of internals and all other parts of the gaming desktop PC it is a high-end device from a more expensive price point.


The gamers weapon

A gaming desktop PC is essentially a powerful machine that has high-grade specs so it can handle top end games. Most of these games are designed with the best possible graphics that are available in the market. Just this alone requires a powerful graphics card so the rendering is smooth, making the gamers experience better. The lag could get one killed, figuratively; but realistically within the game. All this power has to be combined with the right mouse and keyboard to maximise one's gaming.

Important components

The internal build of the gaming desktop PC defines how well it will perform. There are versions that come built from large brands such as Alienware or Corsair.  These are loaded with high-end processors, SSD hard drives with the NVMe communication protocols and a large amount of RAM. Any one of these components being low powered would create a bottle-neck that would affect the whole system.

Independent shops also build gaming desktop PCs. As the body is available and one can insert whatever components that they feel like. In either case, gaming desktop PCs are expensive, the branded ones more so. Given the high-grade performance expected of these machines, the value is a lot more than regular desktop PCs. Some large brands also allow one to choose the components they want, allowing one to construct a branded beast for their digital competition.


Gamers like larger monitors that are HD and beyond. These monitors have high contrast ratios and a high level of nits; nits are the unit ascribed to the level of brightness. Today many brands are making monitors that are curved so the player has their visual scape surrounded, making them feel like they are inside the game as opposed to viewing it. Of course, this is nowhere close to the VR level of immersion but it is definitely a lot better than a flat-screen. The curved monitors do cost more than regular ones.


Perhaps secondary to the machine, but still very important are the mouse and keyboard. The gaming mouse is a more high tech device that has DPI switching to make the cursor movement optimised to each individual situation in the game. These mouses are also more ergonomically designed for the hand to sit better. Gaming keyboards are often the mechanical type, these are more durable and snappy. The keys on such keyboards have a more satisfying response adding to one's gameplay. Also in the heat of smashing keys while gaming it won't come apart as easy. Both these devices that are more geared for gaming are from a higher price point compared to normal keyboards and mouses.

Other peripherals include the steering wheel with a gear and pedals. There are of course versions that have a variation, there might be just the steering wheel and pedals. These are great for a more immersive experience of racing games. The better quality ones are built with motors for vibration so the player feels the bumps and the sensation of a road while they rage in the digital world.


Gaming desktop PCs are from a higher price point, all the components and peripherals are better quality devices. Of course, the branded ones are a lot more expensive. But even the built models are costly. Which one you choose to buy depends on your budget more than anything else.

Price List

Model Price
790 Gaming PC Core i5-2400 3.2GHz -16GB DDR3 RAM … Rs. 38,499
OptiPlex 790 Gaming PC Core i5-2400 Upto 3.4GHz 8… Rs. 32,500
HP 3500 Pro Tower Gaming PC - Intel Core i5 3nd g… Rs. 55,299
HP PROBOOK 440G7 6XJ55AV Core i5 Notebook PC 256 … Rs. 118,800
Lenovo Legion T7 Gaming Desktop PC (Intel Core i7… Rs. 456,599
OptiPlex 790 Gaming PC Core i5-2400 3.2GHz --8GB … Rs. 32,999
HP ProBook 440 G7 (6YY28AV) Core i7 10 Generation… Rs. 141,900
790 Gaming PC Core i5-2400 3.2GHz -16GB DDR3 RAM … Rs. 38,499
HP ProBook 440 G7 Notebook PC (6XJ57AV) Core i7 5… Rs. 141,900
OptiPlex 990 Tower Gaming PC Core i5 8GB RAM 500G… Rs. 32,699
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